Pamela Green – A Different Perspective! (Original)

The indomitable Pamela Green as seen by Harrison Marks from below! What a view of her perfect naked body, firm tits and completely shaven mound and perfectly highlighted with the addition of oil and well placed lighting. The master photographer and his muse at their best!



Sliding Into The Weekend! (Original)

Slipping into the weekend and the new site with a random shot from my collection. This beautiful oiled creature comes from an original 1980 35mm colour slide. No name on the model but it seems to come from Imperial Press and was taken by Jerome Bischoff. No idea who he was but guessing both the model and photographer were US based?

still a worth shot to kick things off for the site and weekend and just loved that oiled body and small puffy tits šŸ˜‰




There’s Something About Frankie! (Original)

A glistening Frankie Amos from a restored 35mm colour slide posing in the studio only in her high heels, but looking very oiled up! I wasn’t able to restore the colours of this slide completely, but there is actually something quite appealing about the shot and it having the red tinge. I love the way Frankie is stood and how the oil over her body glistens in the light and think the hint of red actually adds to the shot, so worth sharing.

Thanks again to Kevin for this shot of Frankie.


June Palmer – A Slick Look! (Original)

I’m enjoying posting the recent shots of an older June and this is another good example. This shot comes from a set of 6 slides I won over on eBay of June posing nude in the studio on a yellow plastic covered floor with cream background. The slide mount for this image shows it was taken at Scotlee Studios, taken in the 1970’s and this particular slide was No.206.

I particularity like this set because we see June’s slick oiled up body in the shots, as well as her natural pussy on full view, a perfect combination.


Note: This image is created from an original negativeĀ and subject to thisĀ copyright notice.


June Palmer – A Most Unusual View! (Original)

A very unusual set of photo’s of June now, which come from an amateur photographer that shot June over a period during the 1970’s at Strobe studios, ranging from normal glamour poses to this set! These shots show off June’s body close up as well as being covered in oil. We also see her squeezing her tits and get a magnificent view of her pussy! What I’m not sure about is why we don’t see her face? Was this a request from June herself for some reason, or the artistic choice of the photographer? I have 12 shots from this set and some are real close-ups of June’s anatomy, but the focus isn’t that good, but then my hands would probably be shaking as well šŸ˜‰

I’m sure you will agree a very different set of photo’s of June, but I particularly like the middle two shots, just a shame I have none showing her face. I also assume this may have been part of a group shoot, so does anyone know of any other shots of June similar to this?


Note: This is an original image and subject to thisĀ copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.