Form & Figure No.9 Cover

The fabulous curves and figure of Frankie Amos adoring the cover of Form & Figure No.9. A stunning publication of figure studies which measures 9″ x 7″ in size, so slightly larger than the normal publication, but fantastic quality and worth the 5 shillings! All the images apart from the cover are black and white, but the cover featuring Frankie is stunning! Thanks to Paul from Firebird Records for this superb magazine.


There’s Something About Frankie! (Original)

A glistening Frankie Amos from a restored 35mm colour slide posing in the studio only in her high heels, but looking very oiled up! I wasn’t able to restore the colours of this slide completely, but there is actually something quite appealing about the shot and it having the red tinge. I love the way Frankie is stood and how the oil over her body glistens in the light and think the hint of red actually adds to the shot, so worth sharing.

Thanks again to Kevin for this shot of Frankie.


An Oiled Duo – Della Fox & Frankie Amos (Original)

A couple of oiled beauties in the shape of a dark haired Della Fox and friend Frankie Amos from an original print sent through by Kevin. Della as always looks stunning nude and oiled up and you can even see a hint of her bush. Frankie is a new one to me although I have found a couple more shots of her alone and oiled, but she has a much curvier figure than Della and rounder tits. A great duo shot of them both back to back showing off the different figures.