Della’s Backstage Strip (Original)

Sometimes it’s the most simple of shots that have the bigger impact than a straight forward nude, and this is one of those shots. A shot of Della Fox taking off her dress, either backstage or in a dressing room revealing her underwear below. So simple, yet so elegant seeing the white lace of the underwear in contrast against the black dress. It looks a bit crowded back there as well, with those two big cello’s, but it still doesn’t detract the focus away from a stunning looking Della!


Note: This image is original and subject to this copyright notice


June in Frilly Whites (Original)

Start of another small set of June from Redheadkinpin over on Tumblr from his own scans. These show June standing on what appears to be a chaise lounge in white underwear with frilly white knickers and stockings. Great shot of June’s cleavage in this one too!


Dawn Grayson – Shimmering Strip, Part 1

Finally how could we be talking redheads without mentioning my favourite redhead of all time – Dawn Grayson. This woman just floats my boat in every way and here she can be seen stripping out of her shimmering dress and stockings, down to her white underwear.  A perfect strip tease of which there is more to come! Incidentally the top image was used on the cover of Span No.163, where the dress and stockings appear in colour as gold. A copy of that magazine cover can be found on the Dawn Grayson Magazine Covers page.