A Perfectly Posed Pamela Green (1955)

The unmistakable Pamela Green from a set of restored silver gelatin photos taken by Harrison Marks in 1955. Taken in the studio they show Pam during her short dark hair period in different poses showing off her oiled naked body wearing nothing more than a pair of hooped earrings. 1950’s glamour photography at it’s best šŸ™‚

Pamela Green – 1950’s Chic! (1955)

A shot of Pamela Green looking very chic in a shot from a set of her wearing black pants, scarf around her neck and a tucked in blouse from 1955. This shot comes from an original silver gelatin photograph, but the same shot also appears on page 50 in ‘Pamela A Portrait in Studies’ by Harrison Marks also published in 1955.

Pamela Green & The Floral Bikini Bottoms (1950’s)



Two early shots of Pamela Green with long blonde locks by Harrison Marks taken from original silver gelatin photographs. These come from an early set of a blonde Pam, but she is wearing a blonde wig in these rather than dying her hair peroxide blonde as she did later in her career. Although none of these shots appear, a similar shot of her in the same wig appears in ‘Pamela’ in 1955.
These are not her as Rita Landre as identified elsewhere, as the wig is very different and not auburn/red. Originally published by Filthy Gorgeous MediaĀ (who retain copyright) these were part of the extensive collection of Bob Guccione (Penthouse) photographs collected back when Bob and Harrison MarksĀ collaboratedĀ in theĀ late 1950’s for the Gucci Girls, who appeared in the variety magazine ‘Show Business’. They fell out shortly after, but not before Bob seems to have collected a wide range of early GHM photo’s including Pamela Green, Margaret Warhurst, Robyn and other early models.
Some great early Pam shots to enjoy!

Pamela Green – Amazonian Beauty (Original)

Pamela Green with short dark hair looking more tanned than usual or slightly ‘blacked up’ for this shot. Taken from an original Harrison Marks silver gelatin photo this set features Pam nude with hooped earrings and posing with what looks like a glass orb or ball. Although this shot itself didn’t appear, others from the same set were published in the hardback book ‘Pamela – A Portrait in 58 Studies’ by Harrison Marks in 1955.

Pamela by Harrison Marks

The cover of the hardback book ‘Pamela’ by Harrison Marks.  A wonderful study and book containing images solely of Pamela Green from 1955.  All the images show Pam with short dark hair or the first early pictures of her wearing the red wig as Rita Landre.

The book itself contains 66 pages broken down into 3 different chapters, each containing a different set of Pam photographs. ‘By The Shore’ shows images of both Pam and Rita posing at various locations on the beach and in the sea. ‘Studio Nudes’ is self explanatory, it shows Pam posing nude in various poses within the studio, so much more formal full length poses. Finally there is ‘Art of Glamour’ where she poses in various costumes as herself and Rita, including some imaginative uses of a chequered shawl and white mink shawl/coat.

A wonderful book for any collector of GHM or Pamela and thanks to Yak from the official Pamela Green site for sending me a copy šŸ™‚

Elaine Desmond – Etudes No.7 Cover

Elaine Desmond sporting a wicker hat on the cover of Etudes Plastique Album No.7 (1955) by Belorgey and Roland Carre.  A wonderful 32 page French magazine, but unfortunately the only recognisable model is Elaine on the cover, the rest although very nice are unknown French/European models.

I must say that for a 59 year old magazine it is in exceptional condition, as these magazines have detachable covers similar to a dust jacket.  That means the magazine inside is nearly perfect condition with no wear to the page edges of discolouration. It came as part of a bundle of magazines I aquired and rather than putting it to one side to gather dust I thought I’d have a go at selling it on eBay.  Take a look if interested, but in the meantime enjoy the cover šŸ™‚