Elaine Desmond – Etudes No.7 Cover

Elaine Desmond sporting a wicker hat on the cover of Etudes Plastique Album No.7 (1955) by Belorgey and Roland Carre.  A wonderful 32 page French magazine, but unfortunately the only recognisable model is Elaine on the cover, the rest although very nice are unknown French/European models.

I must say that for a 59 year old magazine it is in exceptional condition, as these magazines have detachable covers similar to a dust jacket.  That means the magazine inside is nearly perfect condition with no wear to the page edges of discolouration. It came as part of a bundle of magazines I aquired and rather than putting it to one side to gather dust I thought I’d have a go at selling it on eBay.  Take a look if interested, but in the meantime enjoy the cover 🙂