At The Waters Edge with Bobby Sparrow (1972)

Taken in August 1972 at Pegwell Bay in Kent, this is second colour shot sent through by Terry showing Bobby posing nude on the beach. This one is a great shot of her posing and laying back in the shallow waters edge and you can just get a glimpse of bush, plus all the goosebumps, I think she was cold!

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Bobby Sparrow Uncovered -1972 (Original)

After my post last week of an original photo of bobby Sparrow on the beach at Pegwell bay, Terry has now sent through several more shots of her. They including this shot of Bobby without her wig and Terry remembers that he worked with her several times during 1971 and 1972, mostly shooting the stockings and suspender belt style photo for the American market. She usually wore the wig and the only picture of her without one is above, but it does match the to a similar one published in Oui.
Terry also recounts that she was a very lively girl and good fun to have a laugh with –  I remember one occasion when she proudly showed me her pubic area trimmed into a heart shape. I think her current boyfriend was a hairdresser.

I don’t know what happened to her after about 1973 as we lost touch, but I did see a rather distressing article in a national newspaper sometime in the mid 1990’s. It concerned an ex-glamour model called Roberta something who had developed MS and was terminally ill. There was a picture of a very sick lady laying in bed and I just could not make up my mind if it was her or not. I do remember that her real name was Roberta, so it may have been her or it may have been someone totally different.
Thanks to Terry for the story and hopefully the last part isn’t true and it wasn’t Bobby, but unfortunately these things do happen. Thanks also to Terry for more shots of Bobby at Pegwell bay and that heart shaped bush!

Bobby Sparrow – Bird With a Bush! (Original)

Something a little different this morning and one to warm you through on a cold winters morning! This original of Bobby Sparrow (love the name!) comes direct from Terry and his archive of vintage beauties that he’s had the pleasure of photographing over his career. Normally this type of image is better suited over on my Days Gone By Porn blog as it’s a more 1970’s type of shot, but as it’s from Terry I’ve decided to keep all his shots in one place.
Taken in August 1972 at Pegwell Bay in Kent, this is one of two shots sent through by Terry showing Bobby posing nude on the beach in what seems to be a wig, but showing off her magnificent figure and bush! Until Terry sent these shots I’d not come across Bobby at all and on searching there is very little out there about her. She seems to have posed for Oui in January 1976 and made a few appearances in some 1970’s sex comedy films, but that appears to be it under the name Bobby Sparrow, unless anyone knows her under a different name? I’ve also asked Terry if he knows any more about her. Still a cracking original shot of her 🙂