Ann Austin in Colour (Coloured)

Time for a couple more images originally in black and white, but coloured by Oldiznewagain, this time Ann Austin and her wonderfully curvy figure! As usual the coloured version followed by the original version and I’ve doubled up on the images again 🙂

The next shot wasn’t one of my originals, but liked it anyway.

Ettalie Smith – Danger Curves Ahead!

Two shots of an unknown model posing for Ken Williams in Lenz No.3. I don’t know who she is (anyone ID her?) but she’s got a seriously good set of curves on her. I love the way her hips fair out from her waist in the top shot and a nice ample bosom as well, a perfect hour glass figure. I must profess to liking the ladies with a rounder, curvier figure and more ample bosom, well this week at least!

Anyone got any more of her?

Marie Deveraux & The Chair!

Another shot of Marie Deveraux posing nude on just a wicker chair in pigtails. This comes from Glamorous Girls No.2 and again is possibly a reprint from an original Kamera publication. I love this set and just look at the lovely curves and round arse on her, perfect!  

These girls all had what I would class the perfect curvy figures. You didn’t see a skinny girl back then very often, but then I prefer the more curvaceous figure.  I have more of this set to come!

The Bountiful Angela Duncan

Damn those are some fine curves on Angela Duncan, especially the top shot where she is showing her beautiful hourglass waist, those big hips and not forgetting big breasts!  A full figure of a woman and one that is built to be admired for a very long time!  Someone has asked what my ideal woman type would be, well I give you exhibit A! 

Anyone know the origin of these two shot and if there are any more?