Gloria Lomax – Good Things in Small Packages (Originals)

Sometimes some of my images come from the unlikeliest of sources, such as these shots of a blonde Gloria Lomax. All of these four shots came direct from Gloria herself from her own collection and are shots that I have never come across before, so only fair I should share them. We’ve been in contact before, but Gloria recently contacted me again after seeing a mutual friend had also been in contact and then sent on these shots.
I love posting images on this site, but getting stories and images direct from people involved just makes it even more interesting and worthwhile. A big thank you to Gloria herself for sharing these and I have afew more yet to post, with a promise of more to come 🙂

Gloria Lomax – Kamera No.88 (1968)

Gloria Lomax (Donna Ambrose) posing amongst some ornate furniture in Kamera No.88 (1968). I’m not too sure, but it could potentially be indoors at Ewhurst Manor, but there are only two shots in this edition of Kamera. Both are cropped shots, so don’t give you too much of a view of anything other than the furniture.

Gloria Lomax by Harrison Marks (1964)

Gloria Lomax (Donna Ambrose) showing all in this restored colour 35mm slide by Harrison Marks (May 1964). Another uncensored shot giving us a glimpse of Gloria below and the fact that although she shaved. Although she didn’t completely, so a ‘French Wax’ or landing strip, that is so popular today and probably rare in the 60’s as they usually seemed to have nothing or everything.

Gloria Lomax & The Transparent Negligee

Gloria Lomax or Donna Ambrose, whichever you prefer to call her posing next to a very ornate bottle that I’m sure I’ve seen Jackie Parker pose with as well. What was the point of the negligee other than the photographer can say she’s not nude, but she might as well be it’s so transparent! There’s even a hint of pussy showing, which for this type of shot usually found in QT by Russell Gay was quite daring. Still a wonderful shot of Gloria whatever way you look at it.

Gloria Lomax on The Rug!

Gloria Lomax (Donna Ambrose) posing seductively on a rug from Sexy Girl No.1. Another model that modelled under pseudonyms rather than her real name, but was more commonly known under the Gloria moniker! This wonderful lady is still around today with a big family, hence no real name on here.