Helena McGuire – All Decked Out!

I’ve seen this shot and others from the same set of 35mm colour slides a few times before, but they were always very bad quality and didn’t seem to stand the test of time very well. That was until I got sent several of Helena McGuire and another model posing on a very 1960’s sun lounger exposing her body and magnificent bush to the sun, despite the fact it’s in a studio!

Figure Photography by Philip Gotlop (1950’s)

Thanks to Paul from Firebird London I have a growing collection of nude studies by Philip Gotlop. British photographer Philip Gotlop started writing photography manuals in the 1940’s and 50’s. His titles included professional manuals, practical guides and studies on nude photography and the female figure. But it his work later in his career he is probably more well known for, as in the 1960’s his lens was more often pointed at the era’s entertainers, such as The Beatles, Cilla Black, Cliff Richard, Neil Sedaka, Johnny Cash, The Moody Blues, The Kinks, David Essex, Liberace and TV personalities such as David Frost and many others.

This collection is of over 250 prints of Gotlop’s nude studies  and vary in size from 8½”x 6½” up to 10″x 8″ or larger. Many of the models are unknown, but all are shot in very classical nude poses, with the odd unconventional shot! I thought i’d share a few here to as they are very classical and see if people enjoy them?


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice

Virginia Green – QT No.29 Cover

The vivacious Virginia Green on the cover of QT No.29 by Russell Gay. A rather good shot of Virginia with a very well placed bow on the umbrella handle! Gay tended to be more colourful and garish with his magazine covers than Harrison Marks, with much more going on in them and the accompanying centrefolds. The centrefold from this edition also features Virginia posing on a western set in a cowgirl outfit, which I posted back in 2013 here.

Teri Martine – Shades & A Swing! (Original)

A new set of 35mm slides (12 in total) sent over from Paul from Firebird Records featuring Teri Martine, some sunglasses and a swing! Probably taken at a private shoot or camera club back in the 1960’s which were very popular for amateurs to shoot top models such as Teri.

Études Moderne by Harrison Marks (1950’s)

The cover of Études Moderne by Harrison Marks (1950’s) featuring Pamela Green with short dark hair. This was an early GHM publication featuring 32 pages of nude studies, mostly Pamela Green as herself with short dark hair, blonde or as Rita Landre, but with the odd other model interspersed amongst the Pam shots. Thanks to Firebird Records for a copy of this fantastic early Harrison Marks publication

Sunny Days Ahead! (Original)

Well let’s hope the sun arrives soon, as could do with a few more views like this! An unknown model posing with a colourful umbrella from a restored 1950’s Kodachrome colour slide. Fabulous colours and clarity from such an old slide.


Note: This image is from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice.

Could It Be Danielle?

I love a good mystery normally, but sometimes recognising the face (and body) of a model, but not remembering her name can be frustrating! This model is one example, as I’ve published one of my own negatives by Harrison Marks here before, but was unable to name her. Now I’ve been sent a full set of the same model posing and stripping with a bamboo ladder, but again it was driving me made as to who she was!

Well by chance today I was looking back through my video’s and noticed this post of ‘Brides in The Bath – Part 2’ and damn me, but there she is in the image and video (2:47) as a can-can girl! Then coincidence number two, I was looking through a copy of Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.2 and came across these shots of Danielle Denese. Bugger me it seems to be the same model in all of them, so have I identified her as Danielle Denese? My track record of identifying models isn’t bad, but I would say this is one of those 50/50 shots, as the hair, body and facial features match, but I have very few named images of Danielle to actually reference.

I’m going with them all being the same model and it being the model named as ‘Danielle Denese’ by Harrison Marks, because there’s no guarantee that’s her name or she didn’t model under another name? So one more off the unknown list unless anyone can prove otherwise 🙂