Another Vintage Front Room Flash!

Another shot of a 1950’s housewife posing in the front room, this time sat enjoying a sherry and a cigarette! Obviously taken after the first photo I posted from the same set here, as it looks like she’s relaxing after a hard afternoon out flashing! Still time for one upskirt flash as she sits with her legs apart!

Unfortunately this is the last shot I have from this set, but I do wonder how far the flashing and stripping of this housewife progressed? Anyone know or have any others from this set?

A Vintage Front Room Flash!

I love this print of a 1950’s housewife posing in the front room door! I bet she went out like that and anyone passing her on the street in that hat, long coat and gloves would never know or see what was beneath. All very prime and proper outside, but once behind closed doors the naughty side comes out. You can’t beat a bit of a flash 🙂

June Palmer – Tantalising in Tassels! (Original)

June Palmer from the 1970’s posing in a black tasselled bikini as she kneels on the psychedelic sofa. A very teasing shot as she slowly pulls down the front on the bottoms to reveal a hint of her natural hairy pussy below!

This comes from a set of 16 35mm black and white negatives I’m editing of June posing on the sofa as she strips our of that tasselled bikini, sent over from John W. Once I’ve finished the editing I’ll post the full set that I have, but there must be more as the end of the strip seems to be missing 😉

An Very Inviting Open Offer! (original)

I’m back from my holidays and thought I’d start with a post of an unknown model from a restored print. I love this shot as the whole pose just seems very erotic in the way it’s been done. The open dress at the front flashing this beautiful woman’s, stockinged legs and suspender belt and exposing her braless tits. All whilst sat in the front room, perfect view!

June Palmer – Something For Everyone! (Original)

As the title indicates there is pretty much something for everyone in this original image of June Palmer. Taken by Itsgardin at Strobe Studio’s in 1983, we get a shot of June wearing fishnets, low cut bra, high heels and skirt. The composition of the shot gives a great up skirt view of June flasing her sheer panties and allowing us to see her full hairy pussy beneath.

The look on her face with finger in her mouth, gives her a look of a naughty school girl! I love this shot, but can’t quite work out if she’s also wearing a wig?

Sally Dixon – I Dream of Jeannie! (1969)

Sally Dixon from the pages of Girl Illustrated Vol.3 No.33 (1969) in see-through purple top and trousers. As the title suggests this shot reminds me of Barbara Eden as Jeannie in the 1960’s TV series ‘I Dream of Jeannie’, although I doubt you’d have seen Barbara Eden in this pose! I love the colour contrast of the orange and purple and the straight face on Sally as she flashes her tits to the camera.

Nicky’s Naughty Knickers!

There is something very naughty about this pose from Nicky ‘Wacker’ Stevens. I don’t know if it’s the white jumper pulled up to expose her tits, or the glimpse of white panties between those opened legs in white fishnets or both! I like it anyway and a great teasing shot of Nicky. The nickname ‘Wacker’ came from Harrison Marks and was a common nickname for people who came from Liverpool apparently, but I also understand she was a bit of a no nonsense tough bird, so that could explain it as well 🙂