Cindy Neal – Subtle Stubble! (Original)

Cindy Neal by Harrison Marks from a scan of an original uncensored negative. A great shot showing off Cindy’s figure and fading tan lines, along with a very fine growth, stubbly look to her pussy. Obviously growing it back after a summer of sun 🙂

Sophia & Her Midnight Shadow (Original)

A highlighted view of Sophia Dawn in the studio by Harrison Marks. What is not to like about this shot, Sophia’s perfect hour glass waist and hips, the beautiful use of light and shadows to show off her body, or the hint of stubble (midnight shadow) down below.

All perfectly highlighted in this shot as she looks away from the camera and if there was any slight criticism it would be, what is she doing with her hands? It looks like she’s playing a game of head, shoulders, knees and toes? Maybe she was and that would have been fun to watch 🙂 

Margaret Nolan – A Fireplace Flower!

Another shot from the same set as this shot, but this time a much more serious pose from Margaret Nolan as she poses beside the fireplace. We still get a great view of her body and her slightly stubbly look down below, but those bloody flowers got in the way in this shot!

Margaret Nolan – Tree Nymph! (Original)

Another stunning shot from this set of Tree Nymph, Margaret Nolan by Harrison Marks. The pose and shape of Margaret’s body, along with those great looking tits do it for me! Looks like she could have done with a shave before this shot, but nothing a good retoucher at the time would have hidden, if at all 🙂

Another excellent, quality image to enjoy!