Site News!

25th Sept 2019 – Time for another apology! Yesterday and so I believe a day when I was on holiday in August the site was down and unavailable to everyone including me! This was nothing to do with me but my host (GoDaddy) who had issues with connections to all WordPress hosted sites, not just mine. I spent several hours on with support telling me it was something I’d done, only to find out it was a global issue, so they were bloody useless. I wish I could move from them to a more reliable host, but due to the size of the site and amount of content it would take me a lot of time and effort to do so and at a cost (new hosting and transfer costs).

So sorry! If the site is slow or down it’s my host not me, so bear with it and hopefully as like yesterday it will come back up in time. I do have a twitter account here and left a message for those on there that the site was down. If things get worse I might have to look at funding a move anyway, unless anyone knows of free hosting for a dodgy vintage glamour website 🙂

Also, I’m taking the site back to basics to try and help with the speed, so the forum has gone for now and I’ll be looking at other areas too, sorry!


19th June 2019 – Firstly an apology to any of you that follow me over on eBay for my sales. This week for the first time I’ve been targeted by eBay for having offending adult material that I’m apparently selling and as such nearly all the items on offer this week have been removed! To say I’m pissed off would be an understatement as when you look there are literally 100’s of sellers on there listing similar or far more explicit stuff than me and getting away with it. So it seems personal to me, but that’s just me feeling raw at the moment.

So for now I’ll need to reconsider selling on eBay or try a different approach and not show the full negatives on eBay just here on my site. Again apologies to anyone that was planning on bidding on my stuff this week as it’s been removed. I know there are more important things and life goes on, but hey 🙂

Update! I’ve now relisted some items on eBay without the offending images, so let’s see if that works 🙂


24th May 2019 – Well it’s come around again, but it’s nearly late May Bank Holiday and time for my next break! I’m heading off to the South Coast next week for a few days then back for a continued break at home doing a few outstanding jobs in the garden weather permitting. As usual things on here will slow down for a while and not much in the way of posting will happen until I return.

A few minor things on the site:

1. Broken Images – I’ve noticed and few people have mentioned that several pages and older posts are now missing the images. This due to the fact the older images were hosted on a different service to the one I use now and have been removed. I will endeavor to try and fix these on my return, but with over 4200 post live on the site is not an easy task to find and update them. If you do come across any on your travels through the site, please let me know either by leaving a new comment of sending me a message letting me know which post.

2. Films, Films and more Films – I’m starting to amass quite a collection of glamour films now from different sources and this includes standard glamour type films from Harrison Marks and others from the 1960’s and 70’s, but also a collection of other ‘harder’ films from that same period. Some feature well known models on this site and others are just your standard ‘porn’ flick! I’m not quite sure what to do with the hard stuff yet, unless anyone is interested in seeing them?

The option of voting on the the next films to be posted seems to be going down well, although I can’t please all of the people all of the time as everyone has differing tastes and favourite models. I’ll continue on my return with the next list of films to be published and decide on the next list of films to vote on. If anyone has any requests on certain films or models please let me know and if I have it I’ll do my best to add it to the next vote. Likewise if anyone has their own collection of films they wish to share, please do let me know?

Finally viewing all films will remain for members only, as they have to have some perks!

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great May Bank Holiday and I’ll see you all back here after my break ?



12th April 2019 – Well it’s that time of year again and time for my Easter Break! I’ll be enjoying time away until after Easter Monday, so things as usual will slow down on the site over the next week or so.

Some minor updates to the site recently:

1. Model Listings – I’ve updated some of the model lists to include new models and some newer images. The main updates are in the Terry Sparks models with several new additions which completes my list so far. There are now 66 models that posed for Terry and now appear in the list here.

2. Readers Wives – There is now a link on the right menu under Models for Readers Wives, but a few rules to how photo’s will be accepted and posted.

  • Submissions will only be accepted from members of the site, so if you want to submit an image you have to either already be a member or join here.
  • Secondly all submissions will be reviewed by myself to make sure they are in keeping with the site theme before being accepted. 
  • Any images posted will appear in the main page for 48 hours only, they will then only be found under the readers wives link and be available for members only.

3. Site News – You will have seen the notification bar across the top of the site I’ve implemented, telling you about items for sale. Hopefully it’s not that intrusive, as I thought it was the best way to tell you all about new things without doing a whole new post. It tends to appear for a few days before I sell something and I’ll start using it for site updates such as this. You will also find a link for Site News on the right menu under Site Information for reference.

4. Models, Ages & Content – I don’t want to make a big thing of this, but there have been several discussions about the ages of some models I’ve posted and if they we old enough. I always try and verify the ages of the models if possible, but sometimes it’s not always possible from back then. Therefore any images I now feel may show a young model of unverified age will not be posted on the site. This is really to protect the site, as the last thing I or anyone wants is someone to report the site for inappropriate material and for it to be taken down. Laws around ages and nudity have changed many times over the years and where some things that were once considered OK back in the 60’s may now not be seen in the same way. Likewise the site is seen in different countries, all with different laws and views on nudity.  Again to protect the site, anything that is on the more risque side will now only be limited to members only.

I hate how things have changed and are viewed over the years, with it feeling more and more like big brother is watching, but ultimately I have to protect the site. I’ve invested too much time and effort into the site over the last 7 years for it to be all undone by someone offended by what they see or perceive, so I hope everyone understands this approach?


Anyway, I hope everyone has a great Easter and I’ll see you all back here, refreshed and raring to go once more in just over a week 🙂

A Quick Site Update

A quick update on some of the minor changes and tweaks I’ve been making to the site recently, nothing major just me fiddling 🙂

  1. All images posted now are 640 pixels in size both for members and non-members to reduce bandwidth and speed up loading. Members of course still get much larger images when the click on an image and of course no watermarks visible.
  2. I’ve tweaked the right hand menu:
    • Resorted the order, as based on feedback and traffic the models section is by far the most popular, so moved up.
    • Split out Galleries and Cine films into their own sections.
    • Deleted individual models pages from the models menu.
  3. Included a new Cine Films menu that includes published cine films for both Harrison Marks and others plus June Palmer films (members only)
  4. A new Harrison Marks Cine Film database – A searchable database of GHM’s films for Kamera, Maximus Films and others. (Coming Soon!)
  5. Finally I’m experimenting with giving members the ability to download certain images in much larger size, plus maybe the odd film. Still working on this to see what’s possible and if I can set it up, but already done a few pages to see how popular it is. There may be a small admin charge to host the larger images and films for this if it works out?

That’s it really just minor stuff, but do let me know what you think and any feedback is always appreciated.


Wonder 🙂

Happy Christmas & 2 Years Old!

Another year has zipped past, and it’s been 2 years since I started this dedicated site to June Palmer and I can’t believe it! In those 2 years I’ve published over 580 images of June through-out her career and beyond, most of them original never before seen shots ranging from dressed shots of her early in her career to later nude shots in her 40’s and beyond. The images I see of June continue to surprise and excite me, and I’m still coming across June content I never knew existed!

I have a few people to thank for their continued support of this site, as without them I’m sure it wouldn’t be as popular as it is. Firstly John W, whose dedication to June through his own huge June archive have helped make this site what it is, without his continued support I wouldn’t have seen or shared half the original June images on this site. Secondly, a big thanks to all the other fans and photographers that have shared their own images and memories of June, including Itsgardin, Re and others that wish to remain anonymous.

Finally all that is left to say is thank you and I hope you all have a very Happy Christmas and New Year and I look forward to sharing more Just June with you in 2016.

The King is Dead, Long Live The King!

As some of you may have noticed and commented the official Harrison Marks website closed as of the 31st July 2015. This is a real shame as it was a site I regularly visited for reference, as well as being a member of the ‘Green Door’, but times are hard and it wasn’t cost effective to keep site running, which I can totally relate to!

Anyway, rest easy as the works of Harrison Marks, his publications, films and other memorabilia will continue to be acknowledged through ‘The Kamera Club’. So tell your friends and associates that we’re here and will continue to post and publish original work for the foreseeable future.

I’m heading off on a well earned summer holiday shortly (with no Internet access!), so there will be a two week hiatus where posts will stop, but I will return refreshed and raring to post more stuff after the 24th August. So, all enjoy your summer holiday, thanks as always for all the support of the site and I’ll see you all in a few weeks! There will be a few posts until Thursday, but then I’m gone 🙂


2000th Post!

I didn’t realize on Friday when I posted ‘Wendy’s Wily Ways!‘, that it was my 2000th post on the Kamera Club site. The first post was on 3rd March 2013, so the site has been running 2 years, 4 months and 14 days or 866 days! That works out at 2.3 posts a day since it’s been running.

An awful lot has happened in that time on the site, so many thanks to all of you for the image contributions, knowledge and comments over the last 866 days 🙂


Site Update

Just an update on some of the changes to the site since it moved:

  1. I have a new gallery creator and I’ve added a number of new galleries to the gallery page, with more coming – Ann Austin & Angela Duncan added.
  2. New GHM Publications page – Gallery listing of other Harrison Marks publications, with links through to posted images from those publications – Still on-going with a few links working.
  3. Model listing – Updating with new galleries to make it easier to manage and add new models, includes the unknown model page.
  4. Members now see larger images on all posts
  5. Members downloads – I’ve offered a few images for downloads, but experimental to see if this is something people would want?

I’m also working on the following:

  1. A film section of GHM’s films that will provide details of his films and possibly viewable versions.
  2. Updating the ‘other’ vintage magazines page similar to the other galleries.
  3. Updating the Kamera & Solo listings in the new gallery style.

All this as well as continuing to post the fantastic content I have and receive from various sources. If you have any feedback or improvement suggestions then please do leave me feedback.