2000th Post!

I didn’t realize on Friday when I posted ‘Wendy’s Wily Ways!‘, that it was my 2000th post on the Kamera Club site. The first post was on 3rd March 2013, so the site has been running 2 years, 4 months and 14 days or 866 days! That works out at 2.3 posts a day since it’s been running.

An awful lot has happened in that time on the site, so many thanks to all of you for the image contributions, knowledge and comments over the last 866 days 🙂



Site Update

Just an update on some of the changes to the site since it moved:

  1. I have a new gallery creator and I’ve added a number of new galleries to the gallery page, with more coming – Ann Austin & Angela Duncan added.
  2. New GHM Publications page – Gallery listing of other Harrison Marks publications, with links through to posted images from those publications – Still on-going with a few links working.
  3. Model listing – Updating with new galleries to make it easier to manage and add new models, includes the unknown model page.
  4. Members now see larger images on all posts
  5. Members downloads – I’ve offered a few images for downloads, but experimental to see if this is something people would want?

I’m also working on the following:

  1. A film section of GHM’s films that will provide details of his films and possibly viewable versions.
  2. Updating the ‘other’ vintage magazines page similar to the other galleries.
  3. Updating the Kamera & Solo listings in the new gallery style.

All this as well as continuing to post the fantastic content I have and receive from various sources. If you have any feedback or improvement suggestions then please do leave me feedback.




Blogger U-Turn – Bloody Typical!

The day I transfer my blog over to it’s own hosting, Google reverse their decision to block nudity on Blogger! Ah well, was probably the best move for me as I keep control rather than wondering when my site may be hit by the next stupid idea from Google. I bet this was based on a more logical reasoning than the original plan to block nudity, like losing millions of blogs and users to the likes of Tumblr and self hosting like me.

Onwards and upwards as they say!



We’ve Moved!

I’ve done it! The site has now moved off Blogger and is now being hosted on it’s own server using WordPress. You will notice some differences in layout and presentation, but if you use Just June they will look familiar. Some links still need updating, but I’ve done a majority of the main page links and there may be the odd glitch here and there, but rather than waiting I wanted to get the site running again. This way I can at least start publishing posts again without the worry of them disappearing!  I’ll carry on fixing the links etc, but if you do see anything not working please do comment on the page and I’ll pick it up and fix it.

Finally I’d like to thank everyone for the kind comments and support during this frustrating period as it has helped and made me want to continue.  I must also say a big thank you to those of you that generously donated funds to make this move possible so quickly. I’ve contacted you individually to express my thanks and I will eternally grateful for your support in helping me do this.

Normal service will now resume.