Erica – The Look!

Shot number 7 of Erica by Harrison Marks from a set silver gelatin prints.  This time a standing shot allowing us to see all of her bumps and curves and a very knowing look. All the shots from this set are now published here.

Maria Frost – Beauty in Black

The beautiful Maria Frost posing topless in black panties. From a set of 35mm black and white negatives sent over by Paul from Firebird records. A great pose from her leaning back on tiptoes to stretch out and highlight her figure 🙂

Val Van Dotson – Something Good to Watch!

A shot from an original negative of Val Van Dotson by Arthur Howell. Val also appeared in Arthur’s short film with June Palmer called ‘Brides in the Bath’. This is a much better view of Val and much better than what’s on TV 🙂

It’s Been A While!

Sorry for the lack of activity on the site again for over the last week, but things took an unexpected turn for the worse!

After recovering from gall stones and looking to be on the road to recovery last week I started coughing and feeling unwell again. So a quick test later and yes I caught Covid! So the last 8 days I’ve been battling the symptoms of covid, and yes they are a bitch! Thankfully I didn’t need to go to hospital, but there were some really bad days! My fever broke Thursday and now I’m slowly Improving day by day.

Still need to recover but feeling positive, so please bear with me on the site as I will post again as soon as I feel able.

I know it’s been said but please stay safe out there and avoid covid, she’s a real bitch and very real! ☺

The Mighty Angela Doubled

The mighty and magnificent Angela Duncan in double. From an original 35mm black and white negative taken in the studio, a stunning view of Angela’s figure in double. Just look at those big tits and magnificent curves. Enough to rouse any man from his sick bed!

Thanks to all for the support and good wishes as things slowly return to normal. Please be patient with me as things will remain slow for a while ☺