The Amorous Eva (Original)

A second shot of Eva Nieman from the set of the Harrison Marks glamour film โ€˜The Amorous Masseurโ€™. A beautifully uncensored shot of Eva posing in black stockings and suspender belt that frames that smooth pussy perfectly ๐Ÿ™‚

Coincidentally I have also received a new set of 35mm negatives of Eva from Paul from Firebird. Not as revealing as this shot, but equally as enjoyable and more of them to come in future posts.


Lesley Draper

A beautiful 10 by 8 print of unknown H&E Model No.4 that I’ve now been able to identify. I’ve posted a few shots here of this model and I’ve now identified her as UK model Lesley Draper. She seems to have posed for several photographers including Leslie Bainbridge, but another model with a name.

I love this shot of her posing in a striped blouse held together by the slimmest of bows! The lighting on her face and hair is perfect ๐Ÿ™‚


A Sheer Tease Revealed (Original)

The full view of the ‘A Sheet Tease’ post featuring Dawn Grayson, if you hadn’t already guessed. A much wider view of Dawn with black suspender belt and stockings, all wrapped up nicely with a bow. This time you get to see all of her leaning against a door with a knowing grin ๐Ÿ™‚


Slipping Into The Weekend with Dawn! (Original)

I have about 6 or 7 negatives from this set of Dawn and although non of them are nude, it is still a stunning set of her! This set consists of her posing on this familiar set with the electric fire wearing a pale pink slip, tan stockings and heels. 

As a point of interest, Dawn seems to have posed for several different photo shoots on this set, as I have at least 5 sets of her with different outfits, but all on the same set with the Bamboo Leaf Wallpaper and electric fire. I would think all taken at the same time, but no idea by whom?


QSL Guys – What A Lovely Wench! (Readers Wives)

The long overdue return of the stunning L from QSL Guys with another set of 9 delicious shots. This time L posing in an absolutely fantastic outfit that reminds me of a serving wench from days gone by. I love the whole look from the white ruffled blouse, tight fitting leather style dress and down to the stockings and heels, perfect! L seems to pop out of this outfit at just the right times throughout the set.

For those that follow QSL Guys over on Flickr, these are different from the ones posted there and exclusive to my site. And members get to see several extra shots of L that are slightly more delicious and revealing.

Thanks as always to QSL Guys for these fabulous views of L ๐Ÿ˜‰