Bobby Shaw – A Furry Outlook! (Original)

Bobby Shaw (Laurie Sands aka Julie Desmond) posing for Harrison Marks kneeling on a sheepskin rug in front of that bizarre background. Ever time I see it I’m reminded of the yellow brick road for some reason! Fabulous shot of Bobby showing off her lush bush and from the same set as this shot. Thanks as always to Kevin for this shot of Bobby from an original negative 🙂


A Shaw Thing! (1967)

Bobby Shaw (Laurie Sands aka Julie Desmond) or whatever her name was, was another multi-talented, multi-named model that appeared in numerous publications during the 1960’s and 70’s. Appearing in multiple ToCo publications such as Spick, Span and Beautiful Britons, she also went on to pose for Harrison Marks in the later Kamera editions and various other glamour publications including Girl Illustrated.  She is easily recognisable by the beauty spot/mole above her lip (Which I believe was real) as seen in the above shot, which is from Kamera No.81 (1967). One source puts her date of birth as 1950, which if my maths is correct would make her 17 in this shot, which seems a little young looking at her, but I’m awful at guessing ages, so I may be wrong!


Mystery Mole Woman! (Late 1950’s)

This one intrigues me! It’s another scan from Jeff B’s collection, but this is from a set of 48 Walton slides he sent through and this model appears several times posing alone and with another voluptuous model. I’m sure I’ve seen her before or it may just be that I’ve seen this shot elsewhere before, but does anyone know who it is?  She has a very distinctive mole and I’ll add this to the list of unknown models.

Thanks again to Jeff for another set of quality scans to share here.