June Palmer – Reclining View (Original)

I came across this one shot of June along with several other well-known 1960’s models over on Flickr and posted by a user whose Dad took the photo’s in the 1960’s. I don’t know much more about it but a great shot anyway of June laying back with her arms behind her head.


June Palmer – Hotel Tease! (Original)

Probably not a real hotel room, as I’ve never seen curtains that plush like that in any hotel I’ve ever been in. Plus I’m sure I’ve seen that oriental cabinet before too. Thanks to John for sharing one of his original negatives of June.


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Vera Novak – Kamera No.57 Cover (1964)

My latest Kamera purchase dropped through the door today and I love the orange cover featuring Vera Novak.  Not sure about the heavily retouched/censored parts though as they make her look like a shop mannequin with that smooth nether region!

Faye Browning by Serge Jacques

Two shots of Faye Browning by Serge Jacques from the Whitestone Book No.71 – Paris Photo Beauty by Serge Jacques. Two beautiful shots of the model named Faye Browning, but looks more Christine Carter, Tina Graham or whatever name she decided to use that week!