Diane’s Coloured Kitchen Capers

Diane Grant by Harrison Marks from an original colour medium format negative. Posing on the Cottage Kitchen set you get to see Diane posing nude in an wooden kitchen chair. With one leg over the arm you get a partial view of her figure with a hint of bush and one tit showing.

I love the a good colour photo from back then, as most were originally black and white. Although GHM shot in many formats in one session as I have several black and white versions of Diane 🙂


Dashing Diane! (Original)

The superb Diane Grant taken by Harrison Marks and scanned directly from a medium format negative. I’ve also seen Diane named as Angela Grant and just recently I’ve seen a set of negatives on eBay with her named as Sonya Cordell, so god knows what her real name was! Regardless of her real name she appeared throughout the 1960’s in various publications and has a fabulous body and pussy that she showed off to full effect like this 🙂


Diane Grant – Kitchen Capers! (Original)

This model has been driving me nuts for a while now, not knowing who she is, but now thanks to Jeff she’s been identified and I can relax! I have a couple of shots of her from Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.2, such as this one and always wondered who she was. Thanks to Jeff and a link over to Vintage Fetish she’s been identified as actress and Spick & Span model Diane Grant. The odd thing is once I knew her name I found I had a whole set of colour negatives of her, which I will dig out and edit shortly.

It seems that we get to see a bit more of her in the Harrison Marks shots than when she appeared in the TOCO publications, which is no real surprise!

Thanks to Jeff and definitely go take a look over at Vintage Fetish, as I use it all the time to help identify models.