June’s Fireplace Fancy (Original)

Two shots of June posing in front of a familiar fireplace in black underwear. I think this must either be a well used set or more likely a room used by June and Arthur Howell, as I’ve seen other shots of June posing in front of this fireplace with the same props, electric fire, sheepskin rug and same ornaments and clock on the mantel. I also have this of original images of Terry Graham posing in the same location. Thanks to John for these two shots of June.



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June Palmer as Calamity June (Original)

Thanks to JAS, who sent through this brilliant scan of June from the box image of the 8mm cine film of ‘Calamity June’. This was by Arthur Howell under the Strobe Films banner and was Strobe Films No.1 and the colour 8mm version. JAS also sent through a complete scan of the box as well, but it needs some tidying up, so will post that later, but I wanted to share the image now. A superb shot of Junr in cowboy hat and gun holster, but be careful you don’t shoot too soon 😉


June Palmer – A Brolly Good Show! (Original)

An early colour shot of June posing with just an umbrella as cover! Restored from an original colour negative from John, this shows a young June posing nude with just an umbrella as a prop. I’m not sure if this was ever published, but I’m sure I’ve seen this shot or similar with the umbrella somewhere before, but at the moment exactly where escapes me.


June Palmer – A Touch of Class! (Original)

A stunning pose from June as she stands in front of a black velvet background with her long white negligee hanging down around her arms, exposing her perfect body.  Thanks to John for this image of June showing us all a touch of class in the way she posed.


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Margaret’s Marvellous Mound! (Coloured)

Another of my Margaret Nolan posts expertly coloured by Oldiznewagain and a favourite from the shots of her that appeared in ‘She Walks in Beauty’ shot in 1964. The original black and white version can be seen here.