Maria Frost – Bottom & Boots! (Original)

A cheeky Maria Frost in kinky boots and stockings giving us a flash of her peachy bum, as she poses in a fireplace. Beautiful shot and love the boots over stockings and the flash of that perfect bottom with the panties half pulled down.

Angela Duncan – A Hint of Things To Come! (Original)

Angela Duncan teasing us with a hint of things to come and a quick flash of pussy from the ‘Fluffy Bunny‘ set in front of the fireplace. A fabulous set of Angela, with more to come as I have several more from this set to publish 🙂

Angela Jones – A Flash of Shoulder & Stocking (1971)

A restored original print of Angela Jones in black dress, giving us a flash of stocking and her dress strap and bra falling off one shoulder! A classic teasing shot that was published in Spick & Span Extra No.40 (Autumn 1971) under the title ‘Wistful Thinking’, which showed Angela in a number of poses flashing her stockings.

June On The Rocks Flash (Coloured)

A young June on holiday in black and white top giving us a flash of her tits on the rocks and a coloured version by Oldiznewagain. What amazed me about the colour of this one was not June herself this time, but the colouring and blending of the sea and rocks, as they look brilliant and almost as though they were colour! Another nice touch that works is the pink panties, not sure if they were pink, but it sure works for me!