Gloria’s Balancing Act! (Original)

A lack of posts this week due to being spaced out on drugs with a very bad back, but one to keep you going and definitely something I couldn’t do at the moment! Gloria Lomax balancing on the top of the sofa in black stockings and white panties and from the same set as this shot.


Glamorous Gloria!

A very glamorous Gloria Lomax posing in the bedroom in some fancy panties, stockings and very high heels! A very nice pose indeed, with a bit of reflection in the dressing table mirror added in for good measure. Looks like it got a bit cold in that bedroom with the fire to the left, but I’m sure it wasn’t that cold with Gloria looking like that!


Gloria’s Come to Bed Eyes!

The beautiful Gloria Lomax posing nude on the stairs at Ewhurst Manor for Harrison Marks, taken from an original medium format colour negative. A simple but effective shot and who could resist that look! I think the mask on the wall beside Gloria has it’s tongue out, but who wouldn’t with a naked woman like Gloria next to you!


Note: This is image is from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice.


Dawn & Gloria – Two’s Company, Three’s a Crowd! (Original)

I’ve only just received this original negative, but thought I’d share it, as it has two of my favourite 1960’s models in it, Dawn Grayson and Gloria Lomax (Donna Ambrose). Scanned from a 35mm slide it has Dawn, Gloria and another model that name escapes me for now posing on a lawn in just their knickers. I love the contrast in knickers with Gloria wearing white between the two others wearing black and a shame only Gloria is looking directly at the camera.

Having been contacted by Gloria in the past I knew that both her and Dawn used to travel up to London from Luton on modelling assignments, so it’s fantastic to actually see a shot of them modelling together. Gloria looks stunning as always, but a shame the others are looking away and it looked like a warm summer when this shot was taken as the grass looks a little dry!

Can anyone put me out of my misery and identify the third model in the shot, as it’s bugging me who she is?


Note: This is an image from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.


Gloria Lomax – Ready For the Honeymoon! (Original)

A visual treat of Gloria Lomax (Donna Ambrose) posing in stockings and underwear as she opens her suitcase to reveal her naughty negligee.  I can just imagine this being a scene from a honeymoon, with the bride getting ready for the first night with her new husband 🙂

Well in my mind that is how I see it, but the reality was probably different and more like Olive from ‘On The Buses’! Google an image of her and you’ll understand the reference. Thanks to Kevin for the scan of this original print of Gloria.