Cheese Cake Favourite – Gina Graham

Gina (Tina) Graham or Christine Carter from the centre pages of Parade No.1196 (Week-ending Saturday 10th November, 1962).  

Anyone that has ever owned or handled a copy of Parade Magazine will know how flimsy the magazine is and the paper it was printed on!  The Centrefolds always tend to be missing or very poor quality, but this one was stunning! The whole magazine is in very good condition for 51 years old and has retained it’s colour extremely well!

The above has been stitched together and staple marks removed, but other than that it’s pretty much as it looks in the magazine.

This shot doesn’t really do it justice, but a larger version can be seen … here

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  1. I&#39;ll tell you what though, being a purchaser of Parade in the (mid) 60s I would have been well pissed off to get a centrespread with covered nipples!<br /><br /> roop

  2. shilling was a lot of money in those days . . .<br /><br /> roop

  3. Some time all those years ago – in the early&#39;Sixties – &quot;Parade&quot; was the first pin-up magazine which I ever bought (with a degree of youthful trepidation, I might add!). It was widely available in town centre newagents, railway station kiosks etc and so the added discomfort of searching &quot;back-street&quot; shops was avoided – absolutely laughable now!<br />The lame jokes, not

    • Thanks for the reminiscing Alexei and of course it was all about the girls :)<br /><br />As we get older the rest of the content takes on more meaning as you say, but still we buy them now not for the jokes but the girls, so things don&#39;t really change! You are indeed correct about the back page and it&#39;s full page advert from &#39;Cresta&#39; for genuine diamond rings! I&#39;ll have to

  4. I meant to add that the caption to the picture of June immediately below Gina&#39;s made me laugh out loud!<br />Alexei

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