Hanna Viek – More Sofa Spread!

Another shot from this small set of photo’s of the well endowed Hanna Viek posing, spread out on a sofa! These seem to be earlier in her career, as these shots aren’t quite as explicit as some of her later work, but we do get to see her magnificent chest and equally magnificent tan lined pussy on show in this shot.


On The Lawn With Lee Southern

Lee southern (Grace Jackson) posing nude on the lawn at Sheplegh Court naturist club in 1960. Scanned from a glass photographic plate and taken in 1960 when she was apparently 24, this shot has her wearing a blonde wig for some reason?


Angela Duncan – The Señorita On Show! (Original)

A beautiful shot from a colour negative of Angela Duncan as a Sensuous Señorita. Images from this set were published within a 48 page magazine called The Sensuous Senorita! (1970) and are from the same set of original images I’ve posted here. This particular shot doesn’t seem to appear in the magazine in either black and white or colour, so seems have been left out?

Simply too good a shot of Angela with those magnificent tits hanging out her opened blouse to be left out in my opinion, but worthy of posting here 🙂


Time For a Holiday Dip!

Yes it’s that time of year again and time for my holiday! I know if certain members had their way holidays would be banned, but I need a break and that time is now. So off I head to hopefully sunnier climates and the South of France for several weeks! As to not leave you all high and dry during that period I’ve scheduled several new posts during my break, so new posts will appear but I’ll only be checking my mails every now and then.

I also leave you with the stunning view of wonderfully wet and naked June Palmer emerging gloriously from the sea. Trust me If I come across a view such as this whilst down in France I may never come back, but I can only dream of seeing such things!

I wish everyone a good summer break and I will hopefully see you all back here in mid August – Bon Vacances 🙂


There’s Something About Frankie! (Original)

A glistening Frankie Amos from a restored 35mm colour slide posing in the studio only in her high heels, but looking very oiled up! I wasn’t able to restore the colours of this slide completely, but there is actually something quite appealing about the shot and it having the red tinge. I love the way Frankie is stood and how the oil over her body glistens in the light and think the hint of red actually adds to the shot, so worth sharing.

Thanks again to Kevin for this shot of Frankie.