NANI – A Break Between Filming (Original)

Another wonderful original shot taken by Douglas Webb of Jackie Salt, Bridget Leonard, Angela Jones and Pamela Green posing on the set of ‘Naked as Nature Intended’ filmed by Harrison Marks in 1961. This shot seems to be a very natural shot, maybe taken between filming with the girls relaxing with a drink. Taken at the Spielplatz Naturist Club in Bricket Wood, near Watford during the shooting of the NANI film, Pam was a member of there for several years before this was shot and there are some great posts of her at Speilplatz, along with other articles about the club over on her official site here. It may also explain why Pam looks much more tanned than the other girls in this shot as she topped up her all over tan regularly at Speilplatz

I’m loving the strategically placed hands and and crossed legs of all the guys in this shot and the older lady in the background wearing the sash is Mrs. Dorothy Macaskie a club regular and wife of the founder of the club Charles Macaskie. 

Amji Kruger – A Vintage Year! (Original)

A beautiful vintage shot of Amji Kruger by Terry Sparks taken in 1969. A stunning shot of this dusky beauty enjoying a glass of wine and relaxing nude on a handy sheepskin rug. I’m not sure that’s really a vintage bottle of wine, as it appears to be a 1969 Reisling, so maybe just a bottle of the cheap stuff from Terry 🙂

A stunning shot of a new addition to the Terry stable of models with a fabulous pair of tits and figure 🙂

Monique & Valerie – A Bit of Ball Play! (Original)

The wonderful Monique Devereux and Valerie Jones banging a few balls in on a snooker table and taken by Harrison Marks. I have several negatives from this set of the two posing around and on the snooker table and realized I hadn’t even posted one! All the shots I have are of them topless only in various positions and no idea if this set was ever published anywhere?

It’s actually a great set of the two girls in action, if you know what I mean and one of the few I’ve seen with two of GHM’s popular later models together, if you discount his early stuff with Pam and Jean, Lorraine Burnett & Eve Eden etc of course. Love this shot and the expression on Moniques face as Valerie lines up her balls! Time to cue up a few more snooker puns I think 🙂

Tamara Jade – Half Way Exposed! (Original)

A fabulous flash from Tamara Jade taken by Howard Roark out in an open top car. Definately more than half way exposed with her white top pulled open exposing those shapely tits and those panties half down showing of her thick bush! I need to post some new models by Roark as I’ve got a growing collection of still unseen beauties to share 🙂

The Votes Are In & The Tits Are Out!

Well the votes have been counted and by a huge margin of 81% it seems like you all want to see more of the wives! So being the democratic person I am and always following through on the will of the majority I’ll post more submissions of Wives and others on here in the future. This will of course be subject to my review and approval of all submissions and in keeping with the theme and nature of the site, so don’t expect to be bombarded with submissions as that’s not my intent and many will be for members only. This is just a way of sharing the fabulous ladies out there that I get sent, so we can all enjoy their beauty 🙂

On deciding on best how to do this I decided on a good old fashion favourite from magazines such as Fiesta, Escort etc from back when I was younger and included a ‘Readers Wives’ section on the models menu. Who didn’t enjoy seeing those amateur submissions back in the days when digital wasn’t around and the submissions had to be posted in for publication. Looking back I’m not sure all of them were truly amateur wives, but they sure got the mind working as to what went on behind closed doors!

Anyway, let’s bring on those beautiful ladies and a big thank you to Jon again for the spectacular view above of Jenni and her tits.


Nudist Camp Follies!

Time for another plug of not one but two books being published by Yak over on the Pamera Green site. This time it’s volume 1 & 2 of ‘Nudist Camp Follies’ with images by Stephen Glass. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been sent pre-release copies of these books and they are fabulous!

Stephen Glass was a popular photographer that graced many of the naturist clubs back in the 1950’s and published a series of small books published by The Naturist such as Sussex Maidens (1949), Pool of Enchantment (1950) and Nudist Life in Spielplatz (1956). Many of images you will see within these books were taken at the popular clubs back then such as Fiveacres Country Club established in 1927; Spielplatz established in 1929; Sun Folk Society established in 1931 and Diogenes which was established in 1932. All of which have proved popular with photographers over the years, especially Spielplatz for it was a naturist village with permanent residents.

You will also see some familiar faces within the pages such as Pamela Green, Lee Southern, Nancy Roberts and others, all who posed for Stephen at the various clubs. 

I highly recommend these books if you are into fabulous nudes in a naturist setting and both books can be ordered over on Amazon and I’ve included direct links below for those interested.

Nudist Camp Follies – Volume 1

Nudist Camp Follies – Volume 2

Angela Duncan – A Flash in Black (Original)

A fabulous glamour shot of Angela Duncan (Trudi Eyre) kneeling on a sheepskin rug in black stockings and open black dress revealing her ample cleavage encased in black bra. You also get a flash of her black panties and suspenders in this shot. A seductively sexy view of Angela from a set of original 35mm black and white negatives I managed to purchase. Sometimes having the models dressed or flashing is more erotic than full nudity, of which Angela was good at both. 

I’m currently selling 3 other shots from this set if anyone is interested over on eBay 🙂

June Palmer – Focused From Above! (Original)

Another original shot of June from 1973 taken by an amateur photographer that met and photographed June on occasions, this one showing her in a reclining view from above. The original was orange on purpose (filter) and works both in its original format and when converted to black and white. The focus seems to be aimed higher up June’s body on her face, rather than her tits, which still works well.

Again I don’t know which version I prefer, the original colour or my black and white version?