Marie’s Ravishing Round Rear!

Marie Davis taken by Russell Gay from a restored 10 by 8 print sent over by Scott. What an absolutely stunning rear view this is of Marie, she had one of those curvy figures that looked good from any angle and this is no exception. I just love the shape of her big round arse in this shot, with just a hint of one big round tit as well, perfect view with curves in all the right places!

Baby It’s Cold Outside! (Original)

A beautiful original shot sent over by Kevin that is too good not to share! An unknown model taken in the studio by Harrison Marks, that at first looked a lot like Maria Clarence, but it’s definitely not her. I’ve seen this short haired model before in the pages of Kamera, but the editions escape me at the moment, but what a fabulous figure she has and a cracking pair of nipples too! Not a perfect figure, but then define a perfect figure? But I do love the curve of her tummy in this shot and the use of the shadows all add to making it a very sensuous and appealing shot.

I’ve also added her to the growing list on the unknown models page as unknown No.53, so if anyone can ID her do let me know?

Laya – A Favourite of The Pharaohs (Original)

The model known as Laya posing on the Pharaohs Set taken by Harrison Marks in 1966. Laya only appeared in one of GHM’s glamour films, which was Episode 2, ‘The Dance’ in the 4 part series ‘Favourites of the Pharaohs’. Stills taken of Laya on the set were published in Kamera No.75. There was also a set of 35mm colour slides and a set of colour postcards produced.

The above is one of the original stills taken on set of Laya and shows off her beautiful full figure, her thick luscious pussy and those huge dark areola, delicious!

Jean Rogers – Curves In All The Right Places!

US model Jean Rogers from a restored silver gelatin photo in black stockings and heels showing off her fabulous body. There is just something very appealing about this shot of Jean and the position of her pose. She is definitely a woman with a fuller figure and not afraid to flaunt it! I love how her big boobs look in this shot and how the curves of her stomach sit over those black panties. A real woman with plenty to get hold of!

Ann Austin – Bursting At The Seams! (Original)

This shot of Ann Austin just blows me away, as I find it very stimulating for some reason! I think it’s the pose and the fact her ample bosom is about to burst out of that very small looking bra. Add in the hourglass waist and how those panties are pulled tight into her hips and Ann isn’t the only one bursting at the seams! Her ample bosom and fuller curvy figure is one of the reasons she was so popular back then and still is to many of us today!

Update: There is also a copyright stamp on the back of this shot of Ann that indicates the photo was taken by Serge Jacques 🙂

Diane Hedges – Glorious Globes! (Original)

Two more restored prints from this set of Diane Hedges from the late 1950’s showing off her glorious and well oiled body and those round glistening boobs! Thanks again to Girlymag for these two crystal clear shots of Diane 🙂

A Sophisticated & Sensual Sylvana! (Original)

An outstanding image of a very sophisticated Sylvana Manto (Madelaine Bannister) kneeling on a stool in long black gloves from a restored silver gelatin photo. A fabulously sexy shot of her as she raises her arms above her head giving us a clear view of those rounded tits and curves. A simply stunning shot!

Thanks as always to Girlymag for sharing this image of Sylvana with the site and he’s just listed loads of new prints including this one over on eBay.

Sylvana Manto – Nubile Nude (Original)

An outstanding image of Sylvana Manto (Madelaine Bannister) stood nude with her hands on hips from a restored silver gelatin photo. Here you get to see all of Sylvana, including her well developed bosom and perfectly smooth nether region. she had a very nasty scar just below her belly button, which in some shots is seen, but others carefully hidden. Either way what a fabulous figure on full view!

Thanks as always to Girlymag for sharing this image of Sylvana with the site and he’s just listed loads of new prints including this one over on eBay.