Hanna’s Sofa Spread!

The start of a small set of photo’s of the well endowed Hanna Viek posing, spread out on a sofa! These seem to be earlier in her career, as these shots aren’t quite as ‘spread’ as some of her later work, but we do get to see her magnificent chest and equally magnificent pussy on show in this shot.

Hanna Viek – Leather Seat Squeeze! (Original)

A third shot from the set of Hanna Viek posing in a leather armchair which I thought I’d already posted, but on checking I missed this one 🙂 Still another great shot of Hanna as she reclines in the armchair and gives one of her sumptuous boobs a good squeeze.

Hanna’s Follies, Part 2 (1970’s)

The second part of a small set of Hanna posing on the bed, the first set of images were posted here. In this second set we get more of a glimpse of Hanna’s perfect pussy, but it’s still done subtly compared to other sets of her where little is left to the imagination. I much prefer leaving some things unseen and the imagination doing the work for you! I also think this is my favourite period of Hanna, with her hair longer and the body slightly matured, but still in excellent shape. Beyond this point she becomes more slutty in her poses and more open in what she does, not that I’m complaining about that period either!

Hanna’s Follies! (1970’s)

The start of a small set of Hanna Viek from the 1970’s posing on a bed in open baby doll and giving us a great view of her magnificent tits and a hint of pussy in the middle shot.  I know she went on to show a lot more in typical 1970’s spread shots and some hardcore shoots, but I much prefer these earlier type of glamour shots, as they leave more to your imagination!

Hanna Viek – Office Strip!

I’ve finally got hold of a few decent colour shots of Hanna Viek by Harrison Marks and I have to say they look much better than the two I posted in black and white that were reprinted in Magnificent Models No.3. It seems that the shoot was set in an office location and involves Hanna stripping down from her jumper and skirt with pearls to reveal more of herself, including her massive boobs and glorious bush! I must admit that photo’s 1 and 3 are my favourites for obvious reasons! 
Unfortunately that’s all I have for now, but I would love to find the rest of the set to see just how far Hanna went! I know later in her career she did hardcore and the more common spread shots, but I wonder how far she went for GHM?

The Sumptuous Hanna Viek! (Original)

Before I started ‘The Kamera Club’ my first blog was as some followers may know ‘DaysGonebyPorn‘ and covered a much broader spectrum than I do here. It’s still active and I publish the odd post that doesn’t sit on this blog. Anyway I had a thing on that blog for Uschi Digart, Roberta Pedon and Hanna Viek (There’s a theme there!) and still do! Hanna had to be one of my favourites and I had a great collection of her images posted on DaysgonebyPorn.

I only stopped posting shots of Hanna because I could never find any good quality shots I’d not seen before and because I moved to this blog. Well now I have an excuse to post Hanna again, because a) she posed for Harrison Marks once (flimsy excuse I know!) and b) I came across some top quality shots of her I hadn’t seen before. The above shot is a great example and came from an original negative being sold by Kevin over on eBay, so a big thanks must go to him for sending me a copy.

I think my love affair with Hanna Viek has been rekindled thanks to this shot! I know Kevin is selling another original negative of her, so may have to go bid on that and I will have to see if he has any other shots I can tap him up for 🙂