June Palmer in All Creamed Up! (Video)

Now for a Saturday morning treat with some rare never before seen footage of June Palmer from a Super 8 homemade video. Shot by partner Arthur Howell it features an older June in black stockings and panties posing in one of her bedrooms and beds and shall we say moisturizing herself! I leave the rest to your imaginations and for you to watch, but what a great unique film of June.

I’d guess looking at June and her fuller figure the date to be the late 70’s , but that’s purely a guess based on other films and images I’ve seen on her around that time? There was no actual title to the film, but the clapper board at the beginning says scene 2, so maybe there was more than this scene. So I’ve added an appropriate title to the film πŸ™‚

The film and additional music were provided by John W and his growing June Palmer film archive and I’m always grateful and pleasantly surprised when he sends through new finds such as this, so enjoy the film and let me know what you think?

Update: Thank to member JAS I have some more information about this particular film. JAS has several hundred feet of 8mm film of June shot at the same time and in the same setting. He acquired them some years ago while in the USA and apparently they were shot by Arthur Howell for a private collector in the US, who also wrote the script as what he wanted June to do! Thanks for the info JAs and it’s always good to try and get some background to the films and images πŸ™‚

Sorry only members of the site can see the actual film, but at least everyone knows what they are missing πŸ™‚

June Palmer – Star Strip (Video)

It must be time for another Harrison Marks Film from the his Kamera Cine Film collection. This time it’s Kamera Cine Film No. 48 ‘Star Strip’ (1964) featuring none other than June Palmer and Stuart Samuels. The story behind this film is simple, it features June preparing backstage in very little to go on stage and perform a striptease, with Samuels thrown in for a bit of light entertainment.

This film is one of the more common films by GHM that you can find out on the internet, but what is different about this version is it’s the 16mm version of the film and not the standard 8mm version. That means the quality of the film is much better and that comes across in this digital conversion, plus it’s the full end to end film including beginning and end titles, which seem to get missed off on other versions I’ve seen out there.

A big thank you to John W, who not only sent me this copy, but took the time to get the film converted to digital and added the appropriate music to the film, as originally it was silent, not that June stripping needed any accompaniment!

You may also want to go into the settings on the video to change the quality up to 720p or 1080p to see the real quality of this version, as the default seems to set it doen at 480p!

*This film is copyright George Harrison Marks Enterprises Limited

June Palmer – Beauty & The Barn – Part 1 (Video)

Time for another June Palmer glamour film, this time filmed by Russell Gay and titled ‘Beauty & The Barn – Part 1’. The premise of the film is a simple one, a young June enters a hay barn and feeling sleepy decides to take a nap, but not before she strips out of her clothes first!

The date of the film is unknown, but June looks to be fairly young in it, so probably late 50’s or early 1960’s? She also has the long hair and beauty spot on her cheek, which I’ve seen in other shots of June taken by Russell Gay, so I would assume all taken at around the same time? Thanks to John W for this film, plus additional music and he’s also provided part 2, which takes up where part one finishes πŸ™‚


June in Orbit (Video) Update

Thanks to John W I now also have a better and longer copy of June in Orbit starring June and Teri Martine. I’ve updated the main June in Orbit post where the new video is embedded and you can find a link to it below to view the new version πŸ™‚


Fabulous Jane (Video)

I had a very nice surprise in the post over Easter from John W in the form of a DVD containing a selection of June Palmer films. John recently had these converted onto DVD from the original 8mm/16mm Cine Films by Rutland Productions, whom have done an excellent job! I now have a copy of all the June glamour films listed on her Filmography page, apart from Beauty in the Barn Part 2, which John is missing as well funnily enough!


Anyway, the first of these films also looks to possible be one of the oldest and titled ‘Fabulous Jane’ for some reason. The introduction shows it was produced by ‘Stag’ productions and was film No.111. It’s only a short film at just over 3 minutes, but features a young June on a chaise lounge stripping off and then redressing in stockings, suspender belt etc. before stripping off again! As with all Cine films there was no sound, but John has kindly provided his own music to them all including this one, but the choice is excellent and all in keeping with the film and period it was made.
So onto the film … enjoy!



June in Orbit (Video)

It must be time for another June video, so this time June Palmer with her long time close friend Teri Martine in the glamour film β€œJune in Orbit”, in which Teri and June played astronauts forced to strip off when a meteorite storm heats up their spaceship. Filmed by June’s partner Arthur Howell in colour on the elaborate spaceship set it features June and Teri in some great gold outfits that end up being just little gold knickers and boots.

Teri has fond memories of doing this film and recalls some of the details in an interview over on Gavcrimsons blog. I love the comments about the sweat being baby oil!!

The spaceship set goes on to appear in many more June images and there is a particular set of June as Joanna Kent with the spaceship set in the background. More technical details around the film, it was filmed/released in 1969 and identified as Strobe Film No.7 and 165 feet in Standard 8mm (Colour & Black & White).

Anyway enjoy the film!

Update: I got sent a better version of June in Orbit by John W, so that is the version now included here and thanks to John for sharing all his June films with me πŸ™‚

June Palmer – Bubble Bath (Video)

Let’s start the week with a film rather than the photo’s and this one is a rather delicious one too of a young June taking a bubble bath as the title implies! This 8mm cine film was part of a collection of ‘The best of June Palmer’ films, which included four films on one reel including Cutie parts 1 and 2, Feminine Female and Bubble Bath.  These were all 50ft shorts, but who filmed and produced them is not clear, but I’ve included the box cover below.

Anyway onto the film itself and 3:42 seconds of a nude June enjoying herself and covering herself with bubbles and taking a ‘Bubble Bath’ in an old style tin bath and all in colour!

A big thanks must go to Gav (gpgoogle) for converting and sharing this film of June and also for allowing me to share it here on this site for everyone to enjoy!  I think Gav added the accompanying music, which isn’t bad πŸ™‚

Brides in the Bath Model Identified

As you may have seen in previous posts I have shown an unseen film titled ‘Brides in the Bath‘ starring June Palmer and various other models including Teri Martine.  I’ve been able to identify the main models in the film, but there were several unidentified models also appearing in the film and until now they have remained unnamed!  Thankfully one of the models, shown in the two roles below has now been identified.



Can-Can Girl No.3 (?)


Mistress (Same as Can-Can Girl No.3?)

The model playing both of these roles has been identified as Christine Jenson/Jensen by none other than Teri Martine herself!  Teri took time last week to look at this site and the video itself and identified Christine. Unfortunately Teri doesn’t remember doing the film herself and in her own words – ‘Now I have something to share with you. I don’t remember doing one scene in the video!!!!!! not one, how could I not remember being in such a fun movie?’. Teri also mentions another model Samantha Seager, but doesn’t directly identify her in the film, but another name to research!
I must thank Teri for taking the time to look at this site and the video’s and identifying Christine and filling another blank for me. It comes as a great honour and pleasure that someone like Teri has taken an interest in the site and enjoyed looking back through it and that it brought back such wonderful memories of the models she used to work with back then!
Teri also took time to look at my site and that it made her very happy to see a site with lots of her friend June!  Great praise indeed and makes it all worth while with what I am doing!

Thanks Teri!