The Fine Form of Lorraine Burnett (1960’s)

Lorraine Burnett in long blonde wig on 3 separate covers of Line and Form during the early 1960’s. The publishers of this magazine defiantly got their moneys worth from Lorraine as she appeared on the cover of three consecutive editions of Line and Form with No.20 (Yellow), No.21 (Orange) and No.22 (Blue).

Lorraine also appeared multiple times within the pages of these editions plus as well as others, so obviously a favourite. These are fabulous shots of Lorraine’s curvy figure on the covers and the use of light and shade to highlight her magnificent bust! I think my favourite is the blue cover 🙂

Lorraine Burnett – Bursting Out At The Beach! (Original)

Lorraine Burnett bursting out of her one piece swimming costume down on the beach from a restored print. That costume looks a bit tight for someone with a large bust like Lorraine, thank god it’s got a zip up the front, although I’m not sure it would close up over those ample tits! The costume also looks a little snug down below as she seems to have a bit of a camel toe going on!

Lorraine Burnett – A Highlighted Look!

A restored silver gelatin photo of Lorraine Burnett from Girlymag. A quizzical look from Lorraine as she looks at the camera, but I do like the highlights in her hair in this shot and her curves never fail to please.

Lorraine’s Hippy Look! (Original)

For some reason I really like this shot of Lorraine Burnett! I don’t know if it’s the hair (wig?) or the way she is posing her body, but I like it. I don’t think it’s the hair, so it must be the curves and pose and probably the fact you can’t see her face fully 🙂

It’s Curtains for Lorraine (1958)

Lorraine Burnett posing on the bed in GHM’s flat for Solo No.2 P15 (1958). Posing on the bed in front of those (Pink) curtains Lorraine’s bosom looks larger than normal in this shot.

Lorraine Burnett – All That Jazz! (Original)

A restored JB Copper slide of Lorraine Burnett posing topless on the sofa in a pair of very jazzy pants and red high heels. There are so many different patterns in this shot it hurts your eyes looking at this shot and distracts you from the fact Lorraine is sat there topless or maybe not!

Lorraine Burnett – Goofy Curves (Original)

A shot of a young, slightly goofy looking Lorraine Burnett from the late 1950’s, posing nude with what seems to be a long dark ponytail hair extension. Lorraine’s figure was fabulous, but sometimes she needed to keep her mouth closed as her buck front teeth sometimes didn’t do her a favour! Having had a quick look through her shots later in her career, she did keep her mouth shut and tended to pout more, which was a much better look.


Lorraine’s Burnett – Big Sheer Frilly Ones! (Original)

It’s been a while since I posted a shot of Lorraine, so rectifying that now with this shot. A restored silver gelatin photo of Lorraine posing in big sheer frilly panties as she kneels open legged for the camera. Thanks to Girlymag I have 4 shots including this one from this set of Lorraine, which I will share anon.


Note: This image is from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice.