Alison Wills – Mayfair Cover (November 1981)

Alison Wills on the cover of Mayfair Vol.16 No.11 (Nov 1981). I will always have an affinity to Mayfair, as it was one of my first introductions into glamour/men’s magazines as a young adult. This cover along with a few others was one of my favourites and always manages to get a reaction! There’s nothing particularly risque about the cover, other than maybe the way Alison is posing, but it does it for me!

The shots of Alison within the magazine are equally as good and reveal far more of what’s beneath that white leotard than the cover, but sometimes less is more and makes the mind work 🙂 Incidentally Alison’s very young almost school girl like look helped her progress her career as a model in the 1980’s. She went on to appear in several other magazine’s and did a lot more explicit stuff in magazines with titles like Sweet Little 16 and so on, which I don’t think I need to explain further!

I have other very vivid memories of Mayfair including a young Linda Lusardi and a severe crush on Rosemary England, or least some very nice bits of her. All of which have probably helped drive and develop my tastes as I got older, but I always seem to revert back to my Mayfair days!

Totally Trudy (1969)

Five shots of Trudy Eyre (Angela Duncan) taken by Terry Sparks. As I said in a previous post I hadn’t realized that Terry had taken any photo’s of Trudy until he sent these, but then he explained he had and that her real name (or name on the cheques) was Trudy.

A couple of things you will notice about these shots. Some are very familiar and if you look on some of the vintage forums you will see similar images to these at the same location that have been published in various men’s publications during the late 1960’s and 70’s. Secondly and unfortunate, these images are only small and not up to the usually high standard I get from Terry, but there is a reason for that, which I’m sure Terry won’t mind me sharing. As Terry explains –  “My own black/white files, some 27000 negatives were all destroyed in 2003 at the behest of her indoors. Something I have bitterly regretted ever since, as they would have been worth a few bob on Ebay. The only good news is that I took three or four shots of the best girls and transferred them onto a SVHS tape before the destruction took place. I am hoping to be able to digitise the tape onto my PC and then get some prints off, so far without much success.” Well Terry managed to get some images off the tape and those are the ones above.

Hearing Terry’s story I think I was as gutted to hear this story as he was! Think of all those great images I could have shared, but then I realize what I’ve already seen and shared and I’m glad Terry has shared what he managed to retain. Plus we do get a glimpse at some of the models such as Trudy that he had the pleasure of shooting over his career.

Thanks to Terry as always for sharing an insight into his collection 🙂

Maxine – Fiesta Magazine (Nov 1956)

Two shots of Maxine Ellis from Fiesta magazine (Nov 1956) posing with a multi-coloured crochet blanket, used in various ways to cover her modesty for some reason.  Taken by Harrison Marks these a typical shots for Fiesta at that time, before moving to the slightly more risqué topless views.

Nicky Stevens – Kamera Calendar, November 1968

Out of sync with my other 1968 Kamera Calendar posts, but I’m sure you’ll forgive me! The November page of the 1968 Kamera Calendar featuring Nicky Stevens in the snow with nothing more than white boots, hat and hand warmer to protect her from the elements! 
Don’t forget today is the last UK postal day for all your 2nd class post if you want people to get it before Xmas! What a service I provide, nude women, witty banter and public service announcements 🙂

A Meeting With Margaret!

This weekend I spent a very enjoyable day with my eldest son at MCM Comic & Memorabilia Con at the NEC in Birmingham. Whilst the visit was primarily for him I did manage to meet one of my favourite models that features numerous times in this blog – Margaret Nolan! Margaret was one of numerous celebrities attending the event and was part of a James Bond 50th anniversary area that also included Honor Blackman, Shirley Eaton and others. The list of other celebs was endless , but Caroline Munro was another highlight.
We arrived fairly early as we had priority entry an hour before the general public, so things were quiet and people we still arriving and setting up.  Anyway I suggested we walk down the guest signing area to see who was around and there setting up her booth was none other than Margaret Nolan! Although busy setting up she took time to stop and chat and pose for a few photographs, as well as sign one of her photographs for me, which you can see blow. As no one was around we had the luxury to chat a while about her career, James Bond and other snippets, so my day was made before it had really begun!

Margaret had many photo’s on display to choose from for her to sign and I chose the one below, but there were many from Goldfinger, Carry on Films and other appearances. Chatting about the shots she said that funnily enough the most popular shot people wanted her to sign was of her laying on a towel in a black Bikini, which you can just see behind her hand. I said I preferred my choice which she happily signed, whilst all the time chatting to my son about what he wanted to see at the convention.

We left her to continue setting up, but what a wonderful encounter with a wonderful lady and we saw her walking round later in the day, still smiling and chatting after what must have been an exhausting day!
Thanks to Margaret for the photo’s, autograph and chat it was a true pleasure and my sons parting comment – Haven’t got a clue who that was, but she was nice!

June Palmer – Always Worth Another Look!

June posing in head scarf and long black gloves from the pages of Carnival Magazine (November 1967), also sporting some nice leopard skin pants! Originally posted by Beutelwolf over on VEF.

Lorraine The Tea Lady!

Lorraine Burnett from the Tri-coloured page of Parade No.1195 (3rd Nov 1962)wearing a see through baby doll nightie and fluffy slippers! She could serve me tea like that any day of the week!

Karen O’Sullivan & Friend – Staircase Strip (1965)

Karen O’Sullivan & Friend stripping whilst posing around an old house, restored from two 35mm slides from November 1965. I just love the top pose and the figures of these two lovely ladies, such wonderful curves! Restored from two 35mm slides dated 13th November, 1965