Pamela Hing – Oiled Up & Ready to Slide! (Original)

Another shot from the set of an oiled up Pamela Hing from a restored silver gelatin photo sent over by Girlymag. From the same set as this shot, it sure seems like plenty of oil was used all over Pamela and that sexy body and nice to see the plastic sheets in place, I bet that was a fun shoot!

Caron’s Slick Look (Original)

Caron Gardner from a restored silver gelatin print sent over by Girlymag. It looks like someone has been around with the baby oil, as Caron’s body looks very slick and glistening in the light. No idea who took the shot, but the star wallpaper in the background is familiar, so could be GHM? God knows what’s happening with the mural in the background, as it took me a while to notice it was sideways on!

Pamela Hing – Oiled & Ready! (Original)

An oiled up Pamela Hing from a restored silver gelatin photo sent over by Girlymag. It seems that certain photographers/models worked a lot with oil back then, but it seems to work well in certain shots, so who am I to complain 🙂

Diane Hedges – Glorious Globes! (Original)

Two more restored prints from this set of Diane Hedges from the late 1950’s showing off her glorious and well oiled body and those round glistening boobs! Thanks again to Girlymag for these two crystal clear shots of Diane 🙂

A Slick View From Erica (1959)

The gorgeous Erica looking very smooth and slick from Solo No.9 P22 (1959). It actually looks like the photo was taken in the props cupboard with all those items in the background, including the gramophone, but who cares when you have that view of Erica!

A Brush with Pat Davis (Original)

Pat Davis by Harrison Marks posing on the loft set as she sits on a create and toys with an artists paint brush! Although images of Pat taken by GHM appear throughout several editions of Kamera, including No.19 and No.20 (1958/59), then later editions. Pat only posed for Harrison Marks on one occasion during the Winter of 1958/59, probably not long before shots similar to the one above appeared in Kamera No.19.

A fabulous pose from Pat and her legs seems to be oiled, but the rest of her doesn’t, although I have seen many shots of her covered in oil as well 🙂


Caron Gardner – All Oiled & Ready to Go! (Original)

Or should that be – Apply liberally and rub as required 🙂
A great side profile shot of a nude and oiled Caron Garden from an original print from Girlymag.


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice.

Della’s in The Pink! (Original)

A couple of colour transparencies of Della Fox posing nude in the studio. Unfortunately both had degraded very badly to a purple/pink hue and I was only able to recover the colour as abvoe, but there was just too much pink to remove, hence the title 🙂 Still worthy of sharing here, as what shots of Della aren’t? Especially a nude and oiled Della!

The Sleek & Elegant June Simpson (1959)

Another wonderful shot of June Simpson posing for Harrison Marks wearing the daisy earrings from Kamera No.20 P20 (1959). A simply stunning pose with that long blonde hair and daisy earrings and probably from this set, including one of my own original colour negatives.