Shane Lorrie – Line & Form No.27

A young Shane Lorrie from Line and Form No.27 P9 giving us a big smile and a rather nice profile view of her rather large bosom! Posed for Harrison Marks and others in the late 1950’s and 60’s before going on later in her career to do some rather more extreme¬†lesbian boobs and bondage stuff!

An Uplifting Avra! (1961)

A very sexy shot of Avra Bennett posing in a black underwear set, including a low cut bra showing off her tits! This comes from Solo No.18 P9 by Harrison Marks and dedicated entirely to Avra.

Multiple Margaret’s! (1962)

Another shot taken from Kamera No.48 (1962) this time of Margaret Nolan posing beside a mirror. This way we get two views of her body in one shot with the use of reflections, what more could you ask for?

June Russell – Kamera No.19 (1959)

Two shots of the stunning June Russell by Harrison Marks from Kamera No.19, P5 and P9 (1959). Another model that knew how to wear a pair of earrings and nothing else and get away with it, very much like Julie Shearing.