A Perfectly Posed Pamela Green (1955)

The unmistakable Pamela Green from a set of restored silver gelatin photos taken by Harrison Marks in 1955. Taken in the studio they show Pam during her short dark hair period in different poses showing off her oiled naked body wearing nothing more than a pair of hooped earrings. 1950’s glamour photography at it’s best ūüôā

Lorraine Burnett – Elegant Descent (Original)

A very elegant shot of Lorraine Burnett as she descends down the stairs in open negligee showing off her black stockings and knickers and exposed ample bosom. I love the stair runner you can just see in the shot, very popular in the 60’s and making a comeback today I believe. I think I’d prefer someone looking like Lorraine on my stairs rather than a runner though ūüôā

Pamela Green – Desiree, Study From Life (Original)

Pamela Green posing on what appears to¬†be a¬†photo¬†from a late 1950’s.¬†Well actually it’s not a photo as such, but is mounted on card with a die cut surround. The surface of the photo has been coated and has a textured surface to make it look like an oil painting, but that¬†doesn’t show on this image. It also has a ribbon attached to the top for hanging and was obviously meant for a calendar? The image measures 9¬Ĺ”x 6¬Ĺ”¬†and presumably¬†published by Bemrose of Derby.

It also has a signature of the photographer on it in the bottom right and that looks to be Joan Craven, which would make sense as she took many pictures of a young Pamela Green in her early days and I think this is a rather nice shot!

Pam The Hula Girl (Original)

I have a set of 6 prints of Pamela Green posing as a Hula Girl like this, but this is the first colour version I’ve seen of her thanks to member Simon. Scanned from a Pamar colour slide this was probably taken in the late 1950’s as the hula skirt appears on an unknown model in Kamera Special No.1 (1957). The Pamar slide can vary in quality from very poor to really good, with little degradation to colours¬†like this shot.


Note: This image is from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice.

√Čtudes Moderne by Harrison Marks (1950’s)

The cover of √Čtudes Moderne by Harrison Marks (1950’s) featuring Pamela Green with short dark hair. This was an early GHM publication featuring 32 pages of nude studies, mostly Pamela Green as herself with short dark hair, blonde or as Rita Landre, but with the odd other model interspersed amongst the Pam shots. Thanks to Firebird Records for a copy of this fantastic early Harrison Marks publication

Maria Hale – Leopardskin Lounge! (1958)

A great angle and a great shot of Maria Hale’s pert little bottom from Kamera No.7 P6 (1958). I think I prefer Maria with her natural dark shorter hair to that of her alter ego ‘Madeleine Mado

Pamela Green – Amongst The Balloons! (Original)


A great shot of a dark haired Pamela Green posing amongst coloured balloons from a negative scan from Kevin. ¬†I can’t say I’ve seen any shots of Pam from this set before with the balloons, but it looks to be an early shot of her prior to her Kamera days? If I were to hazard a guess I’d say it was still taken by Harrison Marks, but probably appeared in Carnival or Foto in the mid¬†1950’s, but I could be wrong? I’m sure the Pam experts out there such as Simon or Yak can enlighten us more on the origin?

Wherever it came from still a very good colour shot of Pam with very little restoring required considering its age and thanks to Kevin for sharing.