Mysterious Bubbly Blonde?

Another unknown model that I have several sets of, including the two shots above. I have no idea who she is, but again she looks familiar to me, but the name escapes me! The sets look to be late 1960’s and I’d guess taken at Scotlee Studio’s, as I’ve seen that bath in the top shot in a couple of June Palmer sets also taken at Scotlee. But who is she, anyone got any ideas?

Update: Thanks to ilfordianuk I now recognise her as Jo Peters, 1960’s and 70’s model that appeared in Spick & Span and later as a ‘Page 3’ girl in the Sun newspaper.

Lydia Barton – Sultry or Sulky! (1950’s)

Another silver gelatin photograph of Lydia Barton showing a different side to the one we see of her in early editions of Kamera in the late 1950’s.  The early shots of Lydia are very glamour/cheesecake in style, whereas this shot, along with the other I posted is slightly more risqué in it’s style and her pose. I can’t quite decide if she is trying to look sultry or just fed up in this shot!

Angela Duncan – Bra Busting Proportions!

Angela Duncan highlighting the epic proportions of her chest through her removed suspender belt! They were big enough on their own, but this close up along with the use of the suspender belt makes them seem that much bigger. Not that that is a bad thing 🙂