On The Right Track with Margaret (Original)

Margaret Nolan with longer hair posing for Harrison Marks on a railway line, probably on location down in Cornwall, as he’s used this track and location in shots before with other models. This image of Margaret also seems to come from the same shoot as this shot of her in the forest, as she seems to have the same hair style and make-up.

A stunning shot of Margaret on the tracks and she looks quite young in the shot, but still probably early to mid 1960’s I think?


Note: This is image is from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice.

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  1. I hope you’re not trying to encourage people to take pictures of themselves and others on railway tracks – the railways were trying to dissuade people from doing that the other day – mind you, I’d happily remove maggs from the line, for her own safety of course . . .

    • Very topical at the moment Roop and I would never encourage anyone to be so reckless! But I do agree I’d be the first to help any young lady of the track looking like this 🙂


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