Lena Ellis – Poise & Charm! (Original)

Another shot of the very slender figure of Lena Ellis posing on the railway track and taken by Harrison Marks near Bedruthan on his jaunt to Cornwall in May 1966 with his harem of models. Lena was another model that seemed to be very flexible and get into poses that exuded both poise and charm such as this one, enough to send anyone off the rails!


Sophia Dawn – Lost in Transit! (Original)

Another shot of Sophia Dawn taken by Harrison Marks on a railway track down in Cornwall. This time sat in a more artistic pose than the first more natural shot of her here. It also looks like she’s trying to dry nail polish on her finger nails, but a very extreme and naked way of doing it! A very arty shot of Sophia by GHM 🙂


Sophia Dawn – Train Track to Desire (Original)

Sophia Dawn taken by Harrison Marks on a railway track down in Cornwall. I’ve seen this location used several times by GHM, but this shot has to be my favourite, as I love the pose from Sophia plus the wonderful smile. Taken on location down in Devon, not far from Bedruthan and it’s famous beach and steps I would guess? I bet her bum was cold on that track!

Update: Thanks to Omigosh who thinks the train track is Pencarrow on the Wenford Bridge line – very few trains , so “safe” and only a dozen or so miles from Bedruthan.


On The Right Track with Margaret (Original)

Margaret Nolan with longer hair posing for Harrison Marks on a railway line, probably on location down in Cornwall, as he’s used this track and location in shots before with other models. This image of Margaret also seems to come from the same shoot as this shot of her in the forest, as she seems to have the same hair style and make-up.

A stunning shot of Margaret on the tracks and she looks quite young in the shot, but still probably early to mid 1960’s I think?


Note: This is image is from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice.