Maria Clarence – Corset, Curves & Gloves (Original)

Following on from this post, three more shots of Maria Clarence in black stockings, corset and long gloves. The top shot sent through by Kevin is my favourite, as it shows of Maria’s curves better. I then found the other two in my collection so added those in, the bottom shot being the odd one as it shows her drinking wine and we see the tied panties.


Maria Clarence – Highlighted Freckles (Original)

When I saw this image sent through by Kevin I knew I couldn’t resist editing and posting it straight away! It’s such a beautifully posed and lit shot of Maria Clarence that I instantly like it. The lighting source from the right highlights Maria’s face, thighs and boobs perfectly, along with the freckles on her shoulder.  Add into the shot the shadows showing the curve of her stomach and the reflection on her thumbnail and the shot works for me at every level. A perfect shot of Maria thanks to Kevin!


Maria & Margaret – A Couple of Beach Bunnies! (1964)

More classic beach posing from the two M’s, Maria Clarence and Margaret Nolan. This shot comes from She Walks in Beauty (1964) by Harrison Marks, but one I don’t have so the quality isn’t as good as normal 🙂