Margaret Nolan – Sunny Days (Original)

What better way to start the week than with a glorious shot of Margaret Nolan doing a spot of nude sunbathing on the front lawn at Ewhurst Manor taken by Harrison Marks. As the weather seems to be turning nice in the UK this week, one can only dream of seeing such bathing beauties on the front lawns near me!

Thanks to Kevin for this superb shot of Margaret 🙂


Parked Up with Paula (1960’s)

The fabulous Paula Page showing off her stunning body and big tits as she suns herself against the side of a car. Taken by Harrison Marks on location somewhere I’m sure I’d stop to enjoy such a view in the sun if I came across Paula like this!


Sally’s Sunny Disposition!

Sally Dixon posing nude on a badminton court, in one of the only shots I’ve seen of her sporting a natural hairy pussy! It seems to have been taken at a naturist resort (Spielplatz?) and shows Sally posing at the net with another nudist enjoying the sun in the background. You can clearly see she is unshaven in the shot and all the other shots I have seen of her she is clean shaven down below, so this is a rare shot of her.


A Sun Kissed Stevie! (Original)

I’m back and well and truly rested from my 2 week break. So with the memories of sun filled days still fresh let’s start with an image from one of my own negatives featuring Stevie Vaughan doing a spot of topless sunbathing! I saw plenty of topless ladies down in France, some of which I wish I hadn’t, but every now and then a nice pair walked past to be admired! Stevie’s small but pert pair would have been worth a look for sure, especially combined with the white panties! Taken by Harrison Marks and from a set of 3 negatives, Stevie is see posing in a deckchair on a patio at either Ewhurst or Walden Manor, but not sure which? At a guess I’d go with Walden, but a pure guess.

A good way to start as memories of the sun quickly fade 🙂


Note: This is an image from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.


A Sun Kissed Angela (Original)

Angela Duncan stretching out and enjoying the sun on a sun lounger showing off her exceptional assets! Are those sun loungers still around, as I remember them as a lad and trying to expanded them and set then up. Only to sit on it, lay back and it to collapse in on me, ah those were the days! Saying that I never saw anyone like Angela sunbathing on them like that!