Swinging Fun with Stevie & Vicky

Fun on a swing with Stevie (Vaughan) and Vicky (Ballou) in the grounds of Walden Manor. Taken by Harrison Marks these two seemed to only pose with each other or solo, but never anyone else. Two very similar figures as well, but very different hairstyles and panties 🙂


Vicky & Stevie – 2 Girls On a Swing! (1967)

The models known as Vicky & Stevie (Vaughan) from Kamera No.83 P27 (1967) posing precariously on a swing for Harrison Marks! I’ve published a few shots of Vicky and her harsh hair style before, but only one shot of Stevie here, so time for one of them both together. They tended to appear together and separately in the later editions of Kamera and were the slimmer type of model with smaller tits, rather than some of the more rubenesque models we’ve come to love and know.

A great shot of the two together with lovely smiles as well as everything else on show 🙂


A Sun Kissed Stevie! (Original)

I’m back and well and truly rested from my 2 week break. So with the memories of sun filled days still fresh let’s start with an image from one of my own negatives featuring Stevie Vaughan doing a spot of topless sunbathing! I saw plenty of topless ladies down in France, some of which I wish I hadn’t, but every now and then a nice pair walked past to be admired! Stevie’s small but pert pair would have been worth a look for sure, especially combined with the white panties! Taken by Harrison Marks and from a set of 3 negatives, Stevie is see posing in a deckchair on a patio at either Ewhurst or Walden Manor, but not sure which? At a guess I’d go with Walden, but a pure guess.

A good way to start as memories of the sun quickly fade 🙂


Note: This is an image from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.