The Graceful Curves of Doris!

Another model identified this time by PhilD, who originally sent through the top shot for identification in this post and then identified his own request 🙂 Phil later identified the model as Doris Hurst and sent through the bottom image of her from Beautiful Britons No.8 and definitely the same model.
Thanks to Phil another from the unknown models list identified!

Could It Be Gloria? (1958)

I published an image of this model last week from Kamera No.7 (1958), where she appears twice on a Tiger skin rug. After that post Jeff mailed me with a possible identification of her, as Gloria Conlan, but I’m still not 100% convinced? I actually published a set of photo’s of Gloria Conlan by Harrison Marks that appeared in the Fiesta Spring Special 1957 (Pages 46-49), so the timeline works.  She also appears in the above shot from Kamera Special No.2 (1958).
Is it Gloria, what do you think?

A Misty Mountain View For June (Original)

One of those unique shots of June fully dressed and not professionally posing for the camera. Taken on holiday in the 1960’s, June giving us a great side profile view dressed in white top and trousers on a balcony. An elegant shot and one we rarely see of June, as we’re more used to seeing and wanting the glamour model June on view! I love both, but these shots show us a different side of June.