Callipygian June!

So you don’t have to go and find a thesaurus the title refers to June’s great bum and ‘Callipygian’ means having outstandingly attractive, deliciously well-shaped buttocks. So you can’t disagree with the title looking at these two shots of her from behind. Both shots come from the late 1950’s publication Connoisseurs Choice and Modelling Review Vol.6 No.3

Looking Back on Black! (Original)

A stunning shot of an unknown ebony model with a fantastic pair of huge tits! Throw in the beautiful black pussy and boots and this shot is a winner in my books. One of two negatives sent to me by Jim Barker from Nostalgia Publications, he originally thought they were of Sylvia Bayo.  I’m sad to say I don’t think they are Sylvia, as the tits and nipples and body proportions look different, but Sylvia does appear in this shot!

I love the whole composition of this shot from the way she is stood with that red dress open exposing her big tits and pussy, the black boots and the reflection of her face in the full mirror.  So much going on you don’t know where to look next (apart from the obvious places!).

Once you do get past the obvious and start to look at the rest of the shot you will notice the adverts and images of models on the wall around the mirror and room.  The models I do recognise are Sue Bond (directly above the mirror) and Sylvia Bayo (above the models left shoulder). The others I can’t quite distinguish even at full size, although the portrait of the model and child top left look familiar and I can’t quite make out the name on the facial shot? This came as a Harrison Marks shot, but not entirely sure it is?

Finally, I just love the adverts on the wall for mens trousers! ‘Slack Power’ and ‘For Whom The Bells Toll’ classic!

Update: Thanks to friend Gav who has pointed out that this shot is actually a still from the 1971 GHM glamour film ‘Tailor Made’ released by Maximus International.  The synopsis refers to the model as ‘Ronnie’ but doubt that is her real name, but at least we know it was GHM.


Update 2: Thanks to Arty in the comments we’ve identified the model as none other than Veronica Diemen, another of my favourite black models. Woohoo more Veronica to come 🙂


Note: This image is scanned from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

Peeping at Paula!

A view of a nude Paula Page and her massive tits through a keyhole shaped cover for ‘Peep’ magazine, date unknown.  I love the idea of seeing the model through a keyhole shape as it’s a bit peeping tom/pervy this way and my god Paula’s tits look huge in this shot!

June Palmer – A Dream Goddess (1964)

June posing in the bath on the Roman Set as a ‘Dream Goddess’ or Cleopatra? This is a still from the Harrison Marks glamour film ‘Dream Goddess’.  This image of her on the set along with others appears in the Kamera Special dedicated to June titled ‘The Fabulous June Palmer’ (1964), with the accompanying film also being released in 1964/65.

Margaret’s Marvellous Mound! (1964)

Superb shot of Margaret Nolan (Vicky Kennedy) kneeling in the shallows on a beach in Cornwall with the wind blowing her hair and a familiar mound in the background.  A familiar spot for Harrison Marks to take his models as that landmark appears in various shots.  This would put the location as Bedruthen beach in Cornwall and one of GHM’s favourite on location haunts during the 1960’s.  I’d put this shot at around 1964 as very similar shots of Margaret appear in ‘She Walks in Beauty‘, although this shot is not one of them.

This is also an uncensored shot of Margaret, as she’s showing a bit of ‘lip’ if you look closely as I did 🙂