June & The Saloon Door (Original)

An original but this time from Minimunster and of a nude June entering through some saloon doors! Taken in the 1960’s this set includes several variations using the saloon door, including June with a cowboy hat and guns. I think the phrase ‘don’t shoot’ would be a little late seeing June enter like this 🙂

June & The Striped Bikini (Original)

June posing at the seaside in a striped black and red bikini, that is very familiar as a shot of her in the same bikini and location (at the beach) appeared on the cover of Parade No.1296.

Although this set is non nude (from what I’ve seen so far) I love it as it shows June posing for photographs at a typical English seaside resort. Which would explain why she keeps her clothes on, too bloody cold!  Thanks to Minimunster and her ever growing June collection, I have 12 shots from this set to share 🙂


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