The Perfect Pigtail Pose (Original)

A shot scanned from one of my own Harrison Marks negatives of an unknown model kneeling on the bed naked with her hair in pigtails. There is something slightly risqué and arousing about this shot, as the model does look rather young to be posing nude for GHM. I’m sure it was all above board, but there is just something about the curve of her stomach, along with the curved smooth pubis, pigtails and look that make her look rather young!

I have a second shot of this model kneeling on the bed looking equally as young and innocent as this shot. No idea if they appeared in Kamera, but I’m sure they did and I just missed them or don’t have that edition?


Note: This image is scanned from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice

Margaret Nolan – Laid Back Look! (1962)

A laid back view of Margaret Nolan from Kamera No.48 P41 (1962) on a bed within GHM’s flat. A great view of Margaret, but the retoucher has been at her lower region giving it a slightly odd ‘V’ shape

Sylvia McFarland – Some Support Required!

Sylvia McFarland giving her large assets some support and she must have had constant back ache with those things! Love the red open negligee and garter for effect, but doubt she’d get that negligee closed around those big tits!

It’s Curtains for Lorraine (1958)

Lorraine Burnett posing on the bed in GHM’s flat for Solo No.2 P15 (1958). Posing on the bed in front of those (Pink) curtains Lorraine’s bosom looks larger than normal in this shot.

Brigitte Lahaie – Reclined in Green (1977)

I’m a big fan of Brigitte Lahaie (yes, another favourite!), either as a brunette as above or her more common look as a blonde later on in her career and beyond. She probably doesn’t fit into this site completely as she is best known as being a French Porn Star, appearing in numerous hardcore films and photo shoots, but I still like her! I tend to shy away from the hardcore stuff and enjoy the more glamour shots of her, although I have been known to post the odd harder shot of her over on my old blog.

The shots above are from unpublished negatives, but a set of Brigitte in this green chemise appeared in a European hardcore magazine titled Sexy Girls No.25 (1977) under the name Alice. I had a copy of this magazine and the poses of the girls left little to the imagination and you can see the set of Brigitte, plus others here.


A Pilgrims Tale! (1960’s)

I’ve had this image along with 20 others of this stunning dark haired natural beauty for sometime, but never knew whom she was until now. All of the shots feature her posing around a house, mostly living room and bedroom and from the looks of the décor I guessed it was in the UK, thus meaning the model could also be from the UK. A stunning body and natural bush, which I can now say belongs to the model named as Laura Pilgrim.

How do I know this, well thanks to Paul from Firebird Records, who recently sent me a whole collection of 1960’s magazine covers I found the cover below.

I only have a few select pages from the magazine, but it identifies Laura as the model and the photographer as Jerry Waldo, but features a whopping 72 images of her, some of which are similar to the 20 shots I have. So thanks to Paul and an unexpected find I’ve been able to name another stunning model, thanks Paul 🙂


Erica’s Floral Recline (Original)

A second shot of Erica by Harrison Marks from another restored silver gelatin print sent over by Girlymag, as she lays naked on the edge. From a small set of 5 prints of Erica I have, which I’d never seen before until now, but superb quality.


Note: This image is from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice.

An Uplifting Avra! (1961)

A very sexy shot of Avra Bennett posing in a black underwear set, including a low cut bra showing off her tits! This comes from Solo No.18 P9 by Harrison Marks and dedicated entirely to Avra.

Annlyse & Dorte – Solo No.19 (1961)

Two individual shots of Annlyse and Dorte from Solo No.19 (1961) by Harrison Marks, dedicated entirely to this Danish duo, who were over on holiday and noticed by GHM.

Lydia Barton – Sultry or Sulky! (1950’s)

Another silver gelatin photograph of Lydia Barton showing a different side to the one we see of her in early editions of Kamera in the late 1950’s.  The early shots of Lydia are very glamour/cheesecake in style, whereas this shot, along with the other I posted is slightly more risqué in it’s style and her pose. I can’t quite decide if she is trying to look sultry or just fed up in this shot!