Trudy Pink – Tickling The Ivories! (Original)

A restored 10 by 8 print of Trudy Pink (Angela Duncan) sent over by Kevin as she poses bursting out over a piano. An earlier shot from the set than this colour post, but equally as appealing! Thanks to Kevin for sending over this great shot, plus several others from the same set.


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice

Margaret Nolan – Keeping Things Warm!

Margaret Nolan posing in front of the fireplace in the reception room at Ewhurst Manor in Black stockings and panties. An odd pose and not one of Margaret’s best, but one assumes she’s trying to keep things warm in front of the fire!

Tina Madison – A Flash of Red

Three restored 35mm slides of Tina Madison with a familiar wallpaper/background seen in other shots of models including June Palmer. I love the flash of red suspenders and panties in the last image and Tina looks good in these shots, as in some she can look a bit dodgy!

A More Open & Revealing Doreen Pierre (1966)

I’ve previously posted some shots of Doreen Pierre on here before and those were rear views showing off her great figure and arse from behind, but hinting that she had more to show!

Well these three restored 35mm slides definitely show a lot more of Doreen! Taken in 1966 all three shots show Doreen posing in front of a fireplace wearing a black suspender belt and stockings. What is more strikingly obvious is what else is on full view, in so much that we see her smooth shaven nether regions, which reveal a very large and protruding labia in all shots. It seems these slides were produced for personal viewing, as I doubt these uncensored versions would have made it into any UK publication of the time, although being shaved obviously helped with any retouching required. And let’s face it these shoots would have needed retouching!

Either way three great shots of Doreen, her figure and stunning set of lips!

Margaret Middleton – Front & Rear!

Two restored prints of Margaret Middleton in black panties and stockings from the front and rear! I know she’s not everyone’s cup of tea and you either love her or hate her, but these shots aren’t bad of her. Nice matching curtains and cushions 🙂

Another Day, Another Corset! (1962)

Two stunning shots of Vera Day from the book 1962 book ‘Vera’ by Harrison Marks. What’s not to like about these two shots of Vera in striking corset, matching black panties and stockings posing on the backstage set. I love the coloured shot of her by the ladder, but there’s something quite domineering about the second one with the way she’s stood, hands on hips! I know if I was confronted by her looking like that I’d do as I’m told 🙂

More Black Stockings & Scarf (Original)

A second shot from the Black Stockings & Scarf set showing an older June from the 1980’s in all her glory! Full frontal shots of June are around like this one, but they are in the minority and as explicit as June got (unless anyone can prove differently). It’s always nice to see a bit more of June, especially with such a wonderful full bush, but then June never really needed to follow the tends of the 70’s and 80’s of exposing more. June had a way of posing that just exuded class and sex appeal that meant such full frontal shots were never really required or needed. Still a magnificent view though!


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

Julie Nash – Staircase To Heaven!

Julie Nash better known as Teri Martine in long dark wig seductively waiting at the top of the stairs for you! I found this over on Redheadkingpin’s Tumblr blog, where he publishes some of his original vintage negative collection, including this one. He comments that this is from an original 120 format colour negative and that it’s June Palmer posing as Teri Martine. An obvious mistake as both June and Teri posed at the same time and wore wigs and used different aliases to confuse you, but this is clearly Teri as Julie Nash.

Still a wonderful shot and I love the contrasting black stockings and red underwear in this shot and let’s not forget the wallpaper!

Thanks to Redheadkingpin for sharing 🙂