Teresa Seymour – Long Negligee in the Lounge!

Another shot of Teresa Seymour from a restored print sent over by Kevin. This one again taken by Harrison Marks features Teresa with her redheaded curls posing in long negligee by the TV in GHM’s Flat. Thanks to Kevin for this great early print of Teresa 🙂

Wanda Liddell – Highlighted Parts (Original)

Another shot of Wanda Liddell by Harrison Marks from this set of her highlighting what she has on offer and wearing the well-worn and well used long open negligee! Not that she needs to highlight what she has on offer as it’s fairly obvious 🙂


June’s Rocky Reveal! (1964)

A beautiful shot of June Palmer taken at the same time as similar shots from She Walks in Beauty (1964). Posing on a Cornwall beach in an open long white negligee/dressing gown as she leans against some rocks June looks as radient as ever. Similar images of June appeared in SWiB here

Wanda Liddell With Plenty To Offer (Original)

Time for yet another model I didn’t know modelled for Harrison Marks in the late 1960’s. This time Wanda Liddell offering up her nice pert pair of tits, but also showing plenty on offer below and wearing the well-worn and well used long open negligee! 

This comes from another batch of negatives sent over by Ray, which includes 4 shots of Wanda posing in the negligee plus several of her posing nude on a rather large divan like sofa. Thanks to Gav for reminding me they were Wanda without her wigs!

June Palmer – Black Negligee Reveal (Original)

The second shot of June posing in long black open negligee sat in a red and white chair in the studio. Not quite as revealing as the first shot here, but still a worthy shot of June in black and the final shot I have from this set, the negligee is struggling to stay on even more!


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

Unknown Model, But Familiar Negligee! (Originals)

A couple of original shots of this model, but I have no idea who she is? She appears in the May page of the 1969 Kamera Calendar, but I’ve not seen any images of her in Kamera yet, but if they were later editions I have a big gap there, so may not have seen her yet in them.

Both of these shots appear to have been taken in GHM’s flat as does the calendar shot, so maybe all taken in one session?  I’d wager she’s also wearing a wig, which doesn’t help identification and the familiar long negligee worn by Monique Devereux and other makes an appearance!

Thanks to Kevin for sending over these shots.