A Wet & Wild Linzi Mansell (1980’s)

A fabulous set of 1980’s model Linzi Mansell as she goes from dry to a more wet & wild view in the bathroom! I think I prefer the pictures of Linzi looking all wet and posing in the bath, as there’s something a little bit naughty about the wet look, plus she’s showing what she has on offer in the last shot a little more! So she goes from some typical glamour poses all dry and all smiles, to a more sultry wet naughty wet look. No wonder I loved the 80’s!

Low Cut & Sheer (1960’s)

Welcome to the first post of 2017 after the Christmas break! Starting with an image of a model from the 1960’s with so much going on in it! Not only do we get a provocative pose from the model showing off her tits above and low cut bra, but you also get a flash of hairy pussy through those sheer panties! Lobe the frilly suspender belt, but not sure about the garish decore!

Happy New Year to everyone 🙂

When Danielle Met Gerry!

Two shots of Danielle Denese helping Gerry Brown get undressed taken by Terry Sparks Russell Gay. Danielle has the more classic white underwear and stockings, whereas Gerry has gone for something a little more daring and sexy with a sheer underwear set, although Danielle seems intent on seeing everything by removing Gerry’s underwear! These shots appeared in the 1960’s Glamour Book and unfortunately are the only two from this set that I have seen, but I’d love to have seen the full set and where this strip ended up?

Update: Thanks to Terry for letting us know it was him that took these fabulous shots not Russell Gay and that they taken in November 1968 at the flat of Danielle’s boyfriend. Always good to get some context around shots like these 🙂

Della’s Derrière (Original)

A cheeky shot in more than one way of Della Fox from behind! A beautifully posed shot showing off her bottom with sheer panties pulled down slightly as she perches on a stool. The black garters and high heels all all to the sensuality of the shot. Thanks to Kevin for this print of Della 🙂

Karen Klein

Another new model to this site and one that worked with Harrison Marks in the late 1960’s. According to my notes from the old GHM site Karen, was a young German actress that arrived in London in October 1968 to audition for a part in the next Harrison Marks feature film, ‘Nine Ages of Nakedness’. She got two parts, in one of which she shares a bed with GHM for the film’s title sequences. She didn’t actually appear in any of his publications, but there are images taken of Karen by GHM out there if you can find them?

This shot was a superb find thanks to member Ozprof who pointed out a whole collection of 35mm slides from the 1960’s and 70’s being posted over on VEF by user Whyriley. Hundreds of slides of some well known models, such as Teri Martine, Gloria Lomax, Tina Madison and many more. Unknown as to where they were taken or by whom, but a great shot of Karen with her small perky tits!

A big thanks to Ozprof for point these out to me and of course Whyriley for posting his collection over on VEF

June Palmer – Panties & Plants (Original)

A third shot from this set of June posing in sheer panties, this time posing by a window as she seems to be staring at that plant! Maybe it needed a water? June looking as stunning as ever in panties and earrings.


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice

Caron’s Kinky Outlook! (1962)

Caron Gardner from a restored 35mm slide dated September 1962, where she manages to look both sophisticated with a hint of kinky all at the same time! There’s so much going on in this view from the elegance of the stockings and earrings Caron is wearing, contrasted by the cut-out bra squeezing her tits up and out, plus the corset cover by the sheer panties! Plenty to keep a red blooded male busy!

June Palmer – A Sheer Front View! (Original)

Catching up on my June images and the third shot from the restored strip of 35mm negatives of June posing in sheer panties, this time another front view. I actually think having the panties on adds to the shot, plus June’s perfect hair offset by the earrings, make it all work for me, but think I’ve said that before 🙂

Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice

June’s Sheer Front & Rear! (Original)

Two shots of June from both front and rear as she poses in black sheer panties! Taken at Scotlee studio’s in the early 1970’s they seem to accompany this shot of June in white sheer panties taken at the same time. The pink psychedelic wallpaper makes another appearance as well 🙂


Note: These are original images and subject to this copyright notice