Velma Loftus – An Apple a Day! (Original)

Velma Loftus posing with opened blouse and trousers on the cottage kitchen set. A simple but stunning shot of her, but I’m not sure the combination of apple and cigarette at the same time is really that good for you, health wise! This comes from an original negative that I’ve not seen published anywhere else to my knowledge.

One of the later models, Velma first arrived for an interview at Harrison Marks’ Lily Place studios in December 1967. GHM did his first shoot with her at his flat and several other sessions followed including one on the cottage kitchen set, one on the dungeon set and a third on the African set between December 1967 and March ’68. Solo No.59 includes photos of Velma from all the shoots and other shots appear in Kamera No.86, No.87 and No.89, which she appears on the cover. The only shot of her posing on the cottage kitchen set appears to be in the last edition of Kamera No.89 P47 (1968). She also appears in several uncensored shots in Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.2 and the 1st edition of New Kamera No.1 P45 (1969). Not only did Velma have a slender figure and a cracking pair of tits, she also had a fabulous thick dark unkempt bush on her, that is a wonder to see in the uncensored shots.

Velma was also Miss November in the 1969 Kamera Calendar and appears in two HM 8mm glamour movies, No.E19, ‘Cat Girl’ (1968) and No.E310, which was only released on the Continent.

H is For Harrison Marks (Xmas Calendar)

The man himself Harrison Marks! Photographed here on location in 1958 with Pamela Green (dark wig) and Marie Deveraux (blonde wig). A typical shot of GHM with camera in hand and a cigarette not too far away! Taken on the Scilly Isles, this shot of Harrison Marks and two of his most popular models appeared in his hardback book Kamera on Location P8 (1958).

Virginia Green – Smoking Curves (Original)

What to say about this wonderful shot of Virginia Green sent over by Girlymag and restored from an original silver gelatin photo! Simply stunning hips and those curves of her body as she kneels there look fabulous. I’m not sure about having a lit cigarette  so close to that plastic as she kneels there, but I’ll forgive her on the health and safety issue at work on this occasion and who wouldn’t with her looking like that!

Sophisticated Sylvana! (Original)

A smoking hot shot of a very sophisticated, but nude Sylvana Manto (Madelaine Bannister) posing in long black gloves from the late 1950’s.

This comes from a collection of scanned original photo’s sent over by Ian one of my members. They were found by a friend of Ian’s in the eaves of his garage, in a yellow Kodak 6 by 4 box when he was having a clear out from previous owner. Some were damaged in places by damp but are still a valuable archive and as you can see from above still good enough to be restored. There were about 75 prints in total, including some familiar models such as Sylvana, Lorraine Burnett and several shots of a young June Wilkinson from the 1950’s and 60’s. Thanks must go to Ian for sending them over and allowing me to restore and share them here 🙂


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice

June Palmer – Candy’s Cigarette & Water Ski’s (Original)

June palmer posing in short silver wig as ‘Candy’ on holiday and probably taken by Arthur Howell. This comes from John W, and as he comments it shows June posing with a cigarette beside some mono water skis, maybe to clam the nerves before she takes to the water, but more likely just a good spot to pose. A great holiday shot and the white bikini once again shows off June’s figure to perfection.


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice

June Palmer – Passport to Smoking Pleasure! (Original)

A brand new shot of June from John W’s collection, showing her enjoying a cigarette in front of the camera. I just love the use of the black background to help capture the smoke in the shot. John also included some quotes from cigarette adverts back in the 1960’s/70’s, such as ‘You’re never alone with a Strand’, ‘Cool as a mountain stream’ and ‘The international passport to smoking pleasure’. I can’t say I remember any of those, as I was far too young, but still funny seeing cigarette’s advertised in such a way, when now you can’t even show the packets in the shop, let alone see an advert on TV!

Rita Landre – Luring You In! (1960)

I love this set of Rita Landre (Pam Green) on the Alley Set, which appear in Kamera No.23 (1960) and I particularly like the top shot! Wearing just her fur shawl and stockings stood against the Parisian posters, she looks like a very high class lady of the night, waiting for her next gentleman visitor. You can see all of the shots from this set I have so far, including a stunning colour shot here.

Lydia’s Libidinous Look!

This silver gelatin photograph of Lydia Barton by Harrison Marks shows a different side to the one we see of her in early editions of Kamera in the late 1950’s.  The early shots of Lydia are very glamour/cheesecake in style, whereas this shot is slightly more risqué in it’s style and her pose. Here we see her posing in the more familiar stockings and suspenders, with sheer black panties just giving you the slightest glimpse of her pussy beneath.  She’s looking directly at you as she smokes and the legs are apart and towards the camera, which is a much more suggestive pose.

I would also say that this was a later shot of Lydia than the others, probably early 1960’s, but just a guess as she looks slightly older and her figure looks rounder in this shot.  Either way, I kind of like this look from her, as she looks game for anything in this shot! Libidinous for those that don’t know means full of desire or lustful.

June at Work (Originals)

Over the time this site has been running John has sent me various candid shots of June working at Strobe studios and I always planned on writing an article about June at Strobe, but just never got round to it! I either got distracted with better images that I wanted to publish, or, well there isn’t another excuse I just didn’t do it. To rectify that here are three shots of June at work at Strobe in the 1960’s. She can be seen sat posing dressed (for now!) in a very 1960’s style tunic as photographers go about taking shots of her.  What amazes me is that her cigarette’s aren’t very far away and you can see the ashtray and her smoking in a couple of shots.  I know she smoked most of her life, but I didn’t realize she smoked so much.

Thanks to John for these 3 candid shots, with another for the same set still to publish.

Margaret Nolan – Everyone’s Favourite Poster Girl, Part 2 (Original)

A second shot from a set featuring Margaret Nolan posing amongst posters and magazines of herself. The first original image I posted back in October is here, but this one is more revealing and shows her smoking as well!