Dawn Grayson – Laid Bare! (Original)

Dawn Grayson from a restored 35mm black and white negative posing in the studio. A beautiful view of Dawn and her slender figure and small perky tits, highlighted by a slight suntan πŸ™‚

I have several shots of Dawn from this set and love the fact she has her hair tied up. Although I think I prefer it down showing off her long flowing auburn locks though.


Mrs Cherry – New Artwork & More Views!

It’s about time we had some more Mrs Cherry on here and it’s perfect timing as she’s got some great new photo’s and some fantastic new artwork being launched. The above artwork is none other than Mrs C herself captured by the very talented @Hardroundbrush from over on twitter. What a fantastic image and I just love the colouring and style and for those of us that know Mrs C it’s a very good likeness in more than one way πŸ˜‰

No only is Mrs C returning to grace my site here, but she’s also decided to launch her own ‘Only Fans’ site and you can see the banner for her new site above plus it links to her page, so go take a look and join up if you wish. Not only will you get more juicy shots of the gorgeous Mrs C but more cheeky chat and interaction! I’ve included below a few images from one of her new sets with a ‘silver bullet’ as a teaser!

A Big Thank You as always to Mrs Cherry for sending over her images to share here and she will continue to make gust appearances here for all her fans, but do go take a look at her Twitter and ‘Only Fans’ pages.

Finally, Thanks to @Hardroundbrush for his fabulous artwork and look out for a post about some news and collaboration with him in the future πŸ˜‰


Rita – Fishnets & Pink! (Original)

Rita Landre (Pamela Green) posing on the Parisian Alley Set by Harrison Marks. I’ve published several shots of Pam as Rita in this location here, but think it is great shot of her in the pink corset and fishnets.

This shot is even better as it’s in colour, so you get to see Rita/Pam in vivid colour. 


Not Your Typical Coffee Table Books!

A couple of the deliveries this week, but some books rather than prints or negatives. The books in question were both published by Taschen and featured the work of Serge Jacques, so not your typical coffee table books you could leave out for guests to flick through!

The first book was titled Icons with the orange cover and featured 190 pages of Jacques work, with many of them typical front and rear shots as shown below. There’s a small introduction about his life and work and how he pushed the boundaries of uncensored glamour shots.

The second book, which I believe was the earlier book of the two was much bigger at 766 pages. The cover is the same as the first book, but not as arty. The spine also features a great shot of Margaret Nolan. The book is split into several sections featuring Jacques work on Folies De Paris Et De Hollywood, at the studio, downtown and in the country. But all of the photo’s have the signature Serge Jacques style of naturally uncensored shots. His groundbreaking nudes in the 1950’s were often deemed obscene because he revealed his models’ pubic hair. He Faced countless arrests, blacklists, and regular raids on his studio and darkroom.

Two great books full of uncensored open legged shots, but the small one does duplicate a lot from he bigger book. There are also some surprises, like shots of Ann Austin, June Palmer and other GHM models that posed for Jacques.

Incidentally, I also have an original black and white uncensored print of the model that poses on the covers. I’ll have to post at some point πŸ˜‰


Kamera No.13 Cover (1958)

The cover of Kamera No.13 (1958) featuring Rosa Domaille. One of my favourite early Kamera covers as it shows off Rosa (Eve Eden) and her curves to perfection! Seeing this cover back then I would have definitely been drawn in and bought a copy πŸ™‚