Sissi – A Barn Door Beauty (Original)

The Unmistakable Sissi Mississippi taken by Harrison Marks posing against a barn door on location at Ewhurst Manor I think as I’ve seen this door appear before in shots by both Terry Sparks and GHM.

Sissi always looks so glamorous in the shots taken of her and is always made up and with perfect looking hair, making me convinced it’s a wig! This is a more sedate shot of her as well, as she wasn’t afraid to show of her full thick bush as well, but in this shot it’s almost hidden by her leg with just a hint poking out 😉

Lorraine Burnett – Short on Top! (Original)

A 10 by 8 print of Lorraine Burnett posing topless at Ewhurst Manor. Another shot similar to this one where Lorraine has shorter hair and fabulous lashes and make-up, all helping to highlight her magnificent chest!

Danielle Denese – A Nice Little Bench Warmer! (Original)

Danielle Denese sat in long pink negligee and pink panties on a bench down by the pond at Ewhurst Manor. A fabulous colour shot from an original medium format negative of Danielle showing off her plumped up tits through open negligee highlighted by the contrasting green colours from the background 🙂

A Tempting View From Bobby! (Orignal)

A very tempting view from the instantly recognizable Bobby Shaw on location in one of the bedrooms at Ewhurst Manor. The bedroom has appeared from various angles in many other shots, but this is a different view for sure.

I love this shot as there’s nothing obvious in it from a nudity point of view, but more about the suggestion implied. I love the way she is kneeling over the stool with those black panties not quite up or down and the finger in her mouth and look on her face. So tempting and very suggestive from Bobby, as if she’s wondering what she should do next! Love it!

June Palmer – Ewhurst Escapades! (Original)

The first shot from a set of great images of June in the grounds and gardens of Ewhurst Manor. This ‘Ewhurst Escapades’ set has June posing fully dressed (nearly!) as above in negligee and underwear, then in black underwear and finally nude on the lawn at Ewhurst, by the pond and deep in undergrowth somewhere! Great set of June with long hair from the early 1960’s and I’m tempted to say by Harrison Marks, but not entirely sure, maybe John can shed some light?


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

June Palmer – Fireside Pose (1968)

June Palmer posing on a chair next to a fireplace at Ewhurst Manor from Kamera No.88 (1966) by Harrison Marks and one of five shots of June that appear in this edition of Kamera.

June Palmer – A Handy View! (Original)

Shot number 5 from the ‘Bay Window‘ set of June posing stood on a window ledge at Ewhurst. This shot the negligee has slipped down further and june is protecting what is left of her modesty with her hands!

June Laid Back at Ewhurst

Two fabulous shots of June reclining on the high-backed bench in the drawing/reception room at Ewhurst Manor in white open negligee. Taken from the pages of ‘Fabulous June Palmer’ a re-print of Harrison Marks images of June at Ewhurst and on the backstage set. These shots are almost confirmed as in the same room as this shot, also taken by GHM.