Studies of The Figure – Firebird London Magazine Listing

Paul from Firebird is listing the magazine below over on eBay.  Unfortunately due to image restrictions on eBay he can’t post any examples of this fabulous magazine, so I’ve offered to host a few for him here. I’d say it wasn’t the sort of magazine I’d go for, but there’s something quite appealing about the nude oriental women 🙂

Any questions or additional image requests please contact Paul at Firebirdlondon.

K. Yoshikawa – Studies of a Figure, Masterworks of Figure Photography – Volume 1
Published By Sanyosha Co, Osaka, Japan – 1960

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  1. ebay rules are insane, and vary from site to site what you can post in one country you can’t in another. However there is one category > collectable vintage pinups in ebay US that is ok

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