Jayne Tracy – Champagne Cover

Jayne Tracey on the Cover of Champagne Magazine by Parliament Publications.  Nice See-Through Negligee and Stood Outside The Front-door of Ewhurst Manor
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  1. This shot was taken at the door of a cottage which adjoined the main house. The cottage was set slightly back from the frontage of the main house, which (i.e. the main house), as far as can be established, was simply called &quot;Ewhurst&quot;. The stepped-back cottage can be seen in the second picture of Vivienne Warren, posted earlier this month.<br />The cottage doorway with it&#39;s carriage

    • Alexei thanks for the information on the location at Ewhurst, as it&#39;s always good to try and identify the actual location of shots. I did an article on Ewhurst, which had some images of the main house and cottage, so this makes sense.<br /><br />Thanks,<br /><br />Wonder

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