June in the Bath (Video Clip)

After posting a recent video clip of June Palmer the Newlywed, John W was kind enough to send me his full version of ‘Brides in the Bath’, which runs to nearly an hour long!  Anyway I’m currently working out a way to get the whole thing hosted so I can publish it.

In the meantime as a test a little clip from it, with June taking a bath (contains some nudity if easily offended!)

Usual disclaimer applies – If you wish to share this clip, then please ask or link back to this original, otherwise it will be removed!  
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  1. Any news about the complete &quot;Brides in the Bath&quot; video?<br />

    • It&#39;s coming! As I said the full version is nearly an hour long, so it may well get split in two for easier hosting. I was waiting to see if the hosting of the small clip worked and it seems to be fine, so now I can work on getting the full version ready and up.

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