Tina Madison at Ewhurst

A nude Tina Madison posing at Ewhurst Manor in a drawing/reception room. 

I believe this room is directly to the right as you come in through the front door and look up the stairs.  The room itself isn’t very wide and consists of a fireplace (which you can just see), with windows and a high backed bench either side of it.  This room can be clearly seen at the end of the glamour film ‘Flesh & Fantasie’ (Nightmare at Elm Manor) when June Palmer is leaving the manor and enters this room to see people sat either side on the benches and a ghoul faced Stuart Samuels.
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  1. Interesting that you mention &quot;Flesh and Fantasie&quot; – one of the better films, it seems to me – shot with a bit of flair and wit (not to mention a touch of German Expressionism or something!!) AND with lots of Ewhurst interiors AND with June looking absolutely lovely and doing a bit of acting.What&#39;s not to like? <br />When JP enters this room at the end of the film, Doris Clifford is

    • I think your correct about Doris now I look at the other people in the shot, not sure it&#39;s Ann Walker, but it could be and the guy next to her I&#39;m pretty sure is the photographer Ken Williams, who used to frequent Ewhurst as much as GHM.

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