June in Busen Magazine No.7 – Part 1

It’s amazing what you come across by accident when looking through old scans! I have a full set of scanned Busen Magazines from the 1970’s and 80’s, which as the title in German suggests contains lots of big boobs and bush. They are basically re-prints of models from other magazines, or different shots unpublished from the same shoot.  There are lots of familiar models from the 70’s and 80’s in it, plus the odd 1960’s shot.

Well would you believe it, but there in Busen No.7 are 4 shots of June Palmer, two of which are above!  I’ve not come across these shots before and they are new to me, but they look to have been taken after June’s comeback in 1976. The publish date of Busen No.7 corroborates this, as that date is summer 1978 and they generally printed images 12 months or so after original publication.

A fantastic find, but surely someone can identify the original publication and if there were more than 4 shots? It also shows I have far too much reference material (I won’t say porn!) on my computer!  Final two shots coming anon …
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